30 November 2014

November 2014 Favourites

november 2014 favourites beauty rottenotter rotten otter blog
Thierry Mugler Alien Extraordinaire | £49.50 - £67.50 // I have the original Alien perfume from Thierry Mugler but I much prefer the Extraordinaire version. They both have similar notes but this version doesn't contain notes of jasmine and is a bit lighter smelling. Despite being an eau de toilette I find this lasts better than some eau de parfums do. I can still smell in on myself after an eight hour shit at work. I also like that you can buy a refill bottle which works out cheaper once you have a empty bottle.

The last two weeks of this month have been quite rough skin wise as my eczema flared up quite badly especially my hands and face. I have no idea what has caused it but everything seems to be irritating my face, it seems like even the air is causing my skin to react and don't get me started on whispy bits of hair. This weekend I've had to practically scrap back my hair to try and stop my skin from being so irritated. I've also had really bad flare ups around my eyes which have been very painful and the only thing I've used to remove my mascara has been Liz Earle Eye Bright (£10.75). I know I can rely on this if my skin is being sensitive and already sore as this will not make it any worse.

As my skin has been so sensitive this last week I haven't even been able to cleanse properly and anything I have applied, despite usually being fine with the products in my skin care routine, it has felt like I needed to scratch it all off and my skin would become red and irritated. The only thing I have been able to do is gently wipe my skin with a cool damp muslin cloth and then apply a thick layer of A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cream (£10.50). I first discovered this cream on Giada's blog and have been using it as my body moisturiser for the past month to try keep my skin moisturised and therefore avoiding eczema flare ups. So far, after getting into a routine of applying it each night after using Lush Dreamwash (£9.95) in the bath, it's been working well. On the tube it says it can be used on the face and body but I would have thought to try it on my face until now. It does take a while to sink in but once it does it's helped to make my skin, on my face and body, feel and look a million times better. It reminds me of a cheaper version of Kate Somerville Eczema cream and one I'm really glad I have discovered.

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29 November 2014

Week In Photos 201 - 208

week in photos 201 rottenotter rotten otter blog week in photos 206 rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 week in photos 206 rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 week in photos 206 rottenotter rotten otter blog 3
Reeces Pieces // Ikea food shopping // Pic n mix // New cushions //

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28 November 2014

Mini Reviews 025 // The Body Shop // Soap & Glory

mini reviews the body shop soap and glory rottenotter rotten otter blog mini reviews the body shop rottenotter rotten otter blog 2
The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter | £13 // The Vitamin E Body Butter has one of the lighter formulas that The Body Shop have. It's one of the few that I would use all year round as it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin and sinks in a lot quicker than say the Coconut version. I tend to order all my TBS products online and for this one I wish I had smelt it first in store. I was pretty certain I'd used this before and liked the scent but when I got this in the post I was surprised I didn't like it that much. It hasn't stopped me from using it as it is quite a light scent but it would stop be from buying it again or anything else from the same range. That's just me though as I know a lot of people who love this scent. It is a shame though as this has one of my favourite formulas out of them all as it keeps my dry skin moisturised without feeling like I'm really wearing anything especially if I apply it before bed and after a bath.

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub | £12.50 // This raspberry body scrub is very much like the Blueberry version I blogged about here. The only difference between the two is the scent obviously but also this raspberry scented scrub is still available to buy, at least for now. It has a pretty unique texture compared to other body scrubs I’ve tried. It’s a gel almost jelly like scrub that when you apply it looks and feels like you’re spreading jam all over yourself. On wet skin it isn’t very abrasive and I’ve found it works better on dry skin. I tend to apply it and then hop into the shower or bath and wash it away. It’s not the most ideal way of using it but I don’t want to waste a product so will always try and find the best way to use it. While I love the scent, there's better body scrubs out there so unless it's on offer, I'd say skip this and get one from Soap & Glory.

Soap And Glory Daily Soothe Bath Float | £8 // If you liked the idea of The Body Shop Honeymania Bath Soak but perhaps didn't like the floral scent but want the same sort of product, then this one from S&G is for you. S&G don't have many products for the bath, apart from another bubble bath, so I was keen to give this a try when I saw it in Boots. It has the Mist You Madly scent which I really love. It's a mix of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. The only downside to this bubble bath is how you have to scoop it out with your hands and then swish up the water to distribute the product. I have a honey dipper from the Laura Mercier Honey Bath which does make it easier to use. You could simply order one off Ebay if you don't like to use your hands but it would be better in a bottle or tube. Once in the water it creates a lot of bubbles and the water is incredibly moisturising. I wouldn't pay the full price for it though as more often than not S&G is on 3 for 2.

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Empties // November 2014

beauty empties november 2014 products I have finished used up rottenotter rotten otter blog 3
Super Facialist By Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil // I discovered this thanks to Caroline Hirons and it is just as good as she says it is. If you have dry skin, especially in the winter, then you really need to try this. You apply it to dry skin before cleansing and massage it in for a few minutes before removing with a flannel. It does leave your skin feeling slightly oily but as you follow up with a cleanser, I usually use a balm cleanser for an added extra bit of moisture, the greasy feeling goes away but you’re left with incredibly soft skin and all dry patches are gone. Over the winter I tend to use it a bit more often but usually it’s about once a week as a skin treat. I will be picking up another bottle and maybe trying some other Una Brennan products if they’re on offer.

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil // I’ve had this cleansing oil for what feels like years but has probably only been about six months. It seems to have lasted for such a long time which I guess makes it quite good value for money although I haven’t been using it on a daily basis. I bought this around the same time as the Origins cleansing oil so I could compare the two. Although the packaging of the Origins is much better, you can buy a pump instead of an open bottle, the actual cleansers are pretty similar. Although I don’t use my cleanser to remove make-up, I prefer a micellar water, this does a good job and melts everything away even stubborn make-up. I like to remove it with a flannel and warm water but this can simply be washed off as it emulsifies with water. I’m still working my way through the Origins version but I would buy this again especially if it’s on offer and at an even cheaper price.

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque // I was a bit disappointed in this mask as I didn't really notice a difference when I used it. Unfortunately I bought this one before the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque which I really like and find a lot more effective at keeping my skin clear. I’ve heard people rave about this which is why I bought it in the first place but I wouldn’t buy another jar.

Mario Badescu Control Cream // It's taken me a long time to finish this little pot as partly I was saving it because I didn't want to finish it as it's currently unavailable. The second reason I was using it sparingly was because it's come out that Mario Badescu products, it might just be Control Cream I'm not sure, have unlabelled steriods in them. This is probably why this cream worked so well on my eczema and made it practically disappear over night like a steroid cream would. If this became available again I'd probably buy another one but then it probably wouldn't work as well without the steroid.

beauty empties november 2014 products I have finished used up rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 - Copy
Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner // I was quite disappointed with this leave in conditioner as it was hyped up a year or two ago so I gave in and bought it. No matter how little I applied, this always left my hair feeling sticky and horrible. It's taken me a long time to finish this bottle as I didn't want to just throw it away and waste my money. Needless to say I wont be buying another bottle and am currently using one from Ojon.

TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo // I think I got this in a beauty box and am quite glad I didn’t pay for it was it was disappointing. It worked well to make my hair look clean and fresh but it made my scalp and hair feel quite powdery and heavy. It also didn’t create any volume which other dry shampoos do. It doesn’t leave your hair looking grey though which is a bonus although with my hair being light I don’t need to worry about this too much. I wouldn’t buy another bottle and instead will stick to Batiste.

Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb // I'm adding this in even though I haven't got anything to show for it but I have used up this bath bomb. This was one of the bonfire night bath bombs and is meant to represent a firework in your bath. Mine broke in two while in the box so I was able to get two uses out of it instead of one. It smells of Rose Jam Shower Gel, which I've just actually bought, and turns your bath water yellow with copper glitter. I'm glad I was able to try it but I wouldn't rush out and buy another one.

Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb // This is another one I don’t have any evidence of and I’m trying to make my Lush supply last as long as I can. I’m limiting myself to one Lush bath a week, usually on a Sunday, which should last me through Christmas and for a while after as well. This was very similar to the Sparkler bath bomb. Immediately after being added to the bath you can see blue and yellow appearing out the middle as well as the purple that is obvious from the outside. This bath bomb made my skin feel incredibly soft which not all of them do and little silver stars floated around the water. The scent of this one is jasmine and ylang-ylang which I could still smell a few hours after my bath.

Malin And Goetz Lime Hand & Body Wash // The only reason I bought this, aside that I thought it would smell good, was because I did not want to pay £5 for delivery when I was making an order from Space NK especially as I was only a couple of pounds off free delivery. As you probably know ,if you're beauty obsessed and shop from Space NK often, that there is really anything for under £5 so I went for this. It smells nice, of limes obviously, but it isn't as strong or powerful as I thought it would be. If I had known this before hand I might have chosen a different scent or maybe a different product.

NSPA Passion Fruit Shower Gel // These NSPA shower gels are some of my favourites as they're incredibly cheap but smell amazing. I always have a bottle or two in my bathroom cupboard as they're always on offer for two for £3 or £4. I'm currently using a vanilla scented one.

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel // This was a bit of a mixed product for me as it wasn't very effective on wet skin if you're in the bath but if you apply it to dry skin before getting into a bath or shower then it's a lot more abrasive. It feels a lot more like a cleansing balm with exfoliating particles compared to your standard body scrub which I quite liked as it felt more moisturising on my skin. Again this has a more floral scent than I was expecting similarly to the bath soak. I don't think I'd buy this again although I did like using the range all together, I've tried cheaper and better scrubs than this.

Korres Vanilla Plum Body Milk // I really like Korres body moisturisers as they smell nice, sink in quickly and best of all keeps my skin moisturised. I was a bit disappointed with this scent though and I wouldn't buy it again.

beauty empties november 2014 products I have finished used up rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 - Copy
Taylor Swift Made Of Starlight Perfume // I loved the original Taylor perfume by Taylor swift and finished the bottle very quickly. This Made Of Starlight version is still a nice scent, it's just not as nice. The notes are osmanthus flower, honeysuckle, orange blossom, apricot, passion fruit, mandarin leaves, musks, peach, and woods. I'm glad I only bought the smallest size. I think I'll be sticking with Taylor from now on.

Avon Licorice Nail Polish* // It’s been a while since I’ve finished a full size bottle of nail polish but this black polish from Avon is a staple. It’s a glossy black that sometimes depending on how careful I am when applying I can get away with only one coat especially if I’m going to add a glitter over it. I will be buying another bottle but I want to finish the other black nail polish I have from Barry M first.

Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara // I got this mascara sample free with a Bobbi Brown order and I was really looking forward to trying it. It's called Everything Mascara so I thought it would define and lengthen lashes as well as adding volume. All it did though was turn my blonde lashes black without any length or volume. If you're looking for a very natural mascara that looks like you're not wearing anything at all then this is probably the one for you but personally I like my lashes to stand out as mascara is usually the only make-up I wear on a day to day basis. Not wanting this mascara to go to waste though I used it underneath the D.V.J mascara. It hasn't put me off trying other Bobbi Brown mascaras but I wouldn't buy the full size of this when I can use a single cheaper mascara that gets the job done without the hassle.

D.V.J Beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara // I was excited to see this mascara in a gift with purchase from Cult Beauty as Amelia raved about it. As soon as I tried it for the first time though I knew I wouldn't like it. No matter how careful I was when applying it, my lashes would clump together so it looked like I only had four eye lashes. I thought it might just be because I'd only just opened it so waiting a couple of weeks before trying it again in the hopes that it might have dried up a bit and would work better. It didn't though and the only way I could get it to work was to wipe off most of the product with a tissue, probably not the most hygienic thing to do, and then layer it on top of the Bobbi Brown mascara. Even doing this I had to be careful and only apply one very thin coat as it would all clump together easily. Needless to say I will not be buying this again and am only glad I got this for free and didn't actually spend any money on it!

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara // This is one of my favourite mascaras and I’ve already gone out and bought another tube. It has a plastic wand which I much prefer over the standard brush and I find it defines my lashes, holds a curl and adds volume without clumping. This time I’ve gone for the extra black version so I’m hoping the formula is just as good but a richer black shade.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara // I’ve lost count of how many tubes of this mascara I’ve been through and I use on a daily basis without fail. This doesn’t smudge or flake off throughout the day and defines my bottom lashes without looking too over the top. I have extremely fair, almost invisible lashes, so I always like to wear mascara on my bottom lashes.


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27 November 2014

NOTD // OPI Servin' Up Sparkle

notd opi servin up sparkle nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
OPI Servin' Up Sparkle// one coat

Grape…Set…Match | Servin’ Up Sparkle | Your Royal Shine-ness.

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25 November 2014

Skin Care Diary // November 2014

Through out each month I'll be keeping a skin care diary and jotting down what I use on an every day basis. At the end of the month I'll tally up what has been used the most and share the products with you. I have combination skin that can change between being extremely dry, spot prone, oily and sensitive as well as having eczema flare ups. 
skin care diary products routine november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog
Garnier Micellar Water // Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser // Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist // Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum // Weleda Calendula Face Cream.

This month my skin has been acting up with breakouts and allergic reactions so I simplified my skin care routine down to only these products and nothing else. I didn't try anything new and used products I know my skin gets on well with. So far it seems to be working well and my skin has calmed down a lot. Towards the end of the month I did run out of the Liz Earle cleanser so have started to use the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. The switch hasn't irritated my skin so far and I'm enjoying using the EH balm again. 

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24 November 2014

NOTD // OPI The Living Daylights

notd opi the living daylights nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
OPI The Living Daylights// one coat

The Living Daylights was part of the 2012 Skyfall collection so unfortunately isn't available anymore unless you find a bottle on Ebay. For me this is one of those nail polishes that looks amazing in the bottle but once it's on my nails I'm not so sure I like it. It could just be the black base but I've tried it with various other colours as well and I just haven't found the right one. It's hard to find a shade that goes with the copper, teal and silver glitter.

Any suggestions to what colour to think this would go better with?

Casino Royale | Die Another Day | Goldeneye | Live and Let Die | Moonraker | On Her Majesty’s Secret Service | Skyfall | The Living Daylights | The Spy Who Loved Me | The World Is Not Enough | Tomorrow Never Dies | You Only Live Twice | The Man With The Golden Gun | Is that Silva? | Bond…James Bond | Morning, Moneypenny.

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23 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box // November 2014

my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 9 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 8 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 7 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 6 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 5 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 4 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 my little box november 2014 rottenotter rotten otter blog 1
Another month and another great box from My Little Box! The theme for this months box is cosy and getting into the winter and cold weather spirit. I am still loving the illustrations that are included in each box and I've started a little gallery wall above my dressing table with them all. Next up is the cutest little espresso mug and a heat cushion that acts as a water bottle when you put it in the microwave.

Finally is the little beauty pouch which included a mini bottle of Essie Cute As A Button which has been on my wishlist for a long time. It the perfect bright coral to wear in the winter when you're dreaming of hot weather and the beach. The eyeliner reminds me of Rimmels Scandal Eyes liners and is incredibly black and long lasting. I haven't tried the mascara yet as I've only just opened a new one but I like the simple black and white packaging.

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22 November 2014

NOTD // Orly Brush It On over black

notd orly brush it on over black nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // one coat
Orly Brush It On* // one coat

So here is Brush It On over a black nail polish. If you saw my post earlier this week with the polish on its own then you can really see the difference. With the black polish it makes it look like an oil spill and is definitely the way I'd wear this polish. The black polish also sort of brings out a green hint as well as the gold and copper. It reminds me a bit of Gosh Rainbow nail polish.

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21 November 2014

Mini Reviews 024 // Aesop Tactility Box Set

aesop tranquility box set rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 aesop tactility box set rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 aesop tactility box set rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 aesop tactility box set rottenotter rotten otter blog 4
I’ve tried a couple of skin care products from Aesop over the years but this is the first time I’ve tried anything from the body range. I went with this Tactility gift set as I thought it would be the best way of trying a few different products but with all the same scent. As with the skin care, the packaging is spot on and I’m now using the tin to store bits and bobs that don’t really have a home, think spare toothbrush and toothpaste as well as cotton buds that won’t fit in the jar I keep them in. Plus it makes me incredibly happy that I am able to use a tube squeezer on two of these products. It’s the small things in life!

As far as the Geranium Leaf scent goes, I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered it and I did order it blind having never smelt any of the products before. Luckily though I really like it but find it quite hard to describe how it smells. It isn't a floral scent but also isn't particularly green smelling. Think rosemary and lavender, that sort of smell, with a hint of citrus, it's a pretty unique scent.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub | £25 // This has to be one of, if not my favourite, body scrub I've tried so far. It's a grey gel texture that is packed full of tiny pumice and bamboo stem particles that are abrasive but don't irritate or hurt the skin, and this comes from someone who has extremely sensitive skin. The gel base almost turns into a shower gel as it lathers up as you scrub it into your skin. Once you wash the scrub off your left with incredibly soft and smooth feeling skin thanks to the geranium leaf oil among others. It almost feels like you don't need to apply a moisturiser although I always do. I thought the tube packaging might be a bit of a problem and it might of been hard to get the product out, which I've noticed with others packaged like this, but it wasn't. If anything it was easier to use than a body scrub that comes in a tub as I was able to squeeze out just enough product and nothing went to waste.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser | £31 // A tiny amount of this shower gel is needed so although it's a fairly small bottle that is included in this set, it has and will last a long time, especially if you use a shower lily with it. The geranium leaf range is all about gentle cleansing and this one is no different. It washes your skin well but it doesn't strip and dry out the skin which is perfect for if I have any eczema flare ups as I know it wont irritate it further. It also makes a really nice bubble bath though I don't do this too often as I'd go through the bottle quite quickly.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm | £69 // The name body balm isn't quite right at describing the formula of this body moisturiser. It is incredibly moisturising as you'd expect from a balm but instead of feeling thick and heavy on the skin, this feels and sinks in like a light body lotion and doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. This is perfect for me as it irritates my eczema if I apply a body lotion that I can feel on my skin, it just makes me want to scratch it all off which defeats the object of applying a cream. Although the full size is incredibly expensive, I would like to repurchase this although it would probably go on a birthday or Christmas list.

Any other products from Aesop I need to try?

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20 November 2014

NOTD // OPI I Juggle Men

notd opi i juggle men nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 notd opi i juggle men nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog 1
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
OPI I Juggle Men// one coat

I love how subtle this nail polish is and how you can only really see it when it catches the light. It then turns from a black crème polish to sparkles of blue and purple. I've tried it over a pastel purple polish and it looks ok but it really transforms when used over black or even a navy nail polish. If you have perfect nails that aren't stained or have ridges, I envy those who do, then you could try a layer of I Juggle Men for a more natural look and the shimmer would only stand out when it hits the light, otherwise it would look like a normal clear top coat.

What's your favourite layering nail polish?

I Juggle…Men | In the Spot-Light Pink | So Many Clowns…So Little Time | Step Right Up!

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19 November 2014

Beauty Box // Glossybox November 2014

beauty box november 2014 glossybox rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 beauty box november 2014 glossybox rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 Lollipops Make Up Eye Pencil in Black | €14 // I'm always happy to try out new eye liners especially if they’re black to try and see if I can find a better liner than Urban Decay 24/7. So far I haven’t though! I like that this is a twist up eye liner as it means I don’t have to sharpen it.

H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment | £27.50 for 50ml // This seems like quite an interesting product. It’s an oil free moisture gel that can be kept in the fridge and used as a refreshing and cooling mask. Otherwise it can be used as an overnight treatment by applying a thin layer to dry cleansed skin, leave for five minutes and then massage in any leftover product.

Burt's Bees Lip Shine in Blush | £6.99 // I would have loved this when I was a teenager but now I just don’t reach for lipglosses anymore with the exception of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors. I like that this is 100% natural and the colour is nice but one that will probably just sit in my dressing table drawer unfortunately.

Monu Skincare Refining Capri Facial Oil | £26 for 100ml // I’ve tried Monu body products but this is the first from their skin care range. Despite having dry skin I don’t always get on with facial oils as I hate being able to feel it on my skin, I prefer something that sinks in quickly, so this will have to impress me a lot to get my seal of approval.

Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker | £8 for 125ml // I have dry, frizzy coarse hair so this “Miracle Worker” seems like it was made for me, at least by the description on the Glossybox card. You can use it after washing to towel dried hair before blow draying or as a finishing product to smooth flyaways and ends.

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18 November 2014

Beauty Box // Birchbox November 2014

beauty box november 2014 birchbox rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 beauty box november 2014 birchbox rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 beauty box november 2014 birchbox rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 OPI Turn On The Haute Light Nail Polish | £11.95 // Although I don't normally gravitate towards silver nail polishes, I prefer gold, this will come in handy with some Christmas stamping I want to try. Surprisingly this polish only needed two coats to become opaque and it has a really nice glossy finish.

Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask | £16 // I haven't particularly liked the other products I've received in beauty boxes from Beauty Protector but this hair mask looks good and more my type of product. I think one mini tub will be enough for one application especially since I have quite long hair. I'll also be able to reuse these tubs at a later date which is good.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil | £15.95 // Over the years Weleda has become one of my favourite brands and I'm glad it's becoming a bit more well known. These mini bottles are the perfect way to try out the oil before buying the full size. I have another one from a previous beauty box which I really love so I have high hopes for this one. This Sea Buckthorn Body Oil protects against the stresses of modern lifestyle and the environment.

Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner | £15 // I've had this mini sample before from a beauty box and it's perfect if you're not a fan of false eye lashes but want a bit more volume and length than you'd get from a normal mascara. As well as conditioning, this acts a bit like a primer and adds volume and length. Just follow up with a mascara of choice and you're left with dramatic lashes that stand out.

Dr. Jart + Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner | £18 // This is the one product that I'm really disappointed with as I thought we were able to have a beauty profile so we'd get products suited to our skin type. Instead, despite having dry skin ticked as my skin concern, I have received a toner to control oil which is quite the opposite to what I need. It's a shame as I've wanted to try Dr. Jart skin care for a while and this is a full size product. Unfortunately I will have to pass this onto someone else.

Drinkwel | £39.99 // I take daily vitamins and supplements already so although it's nice to get a few extras, this isn't something I'd buy myself.

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17 November 2014

NOTD // Orly Brush It On

notd orly brush it on nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Orly Brush It On* // four coats

If you can get over the fact that you need to apply at least four coats of this nail polish, excluding base and top coats, then it really is beautiful! Brush It On is part of the Smoky collection and is probably my favourite out of them all. Here I'm showing it worn a lone but on Saturday I'll be sharing how it looks with a black polish underneath which completely transforms it. Brush It On is a gold copper duochrome shimmer that completely changes depending on how the light hits it. The formula is actually really good for a sheer polish and I imagined you'd probably need like eight coats for it to be opaque and was surprised when it only took four.

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14 November 2014

Mini Reviews 23 // The Body Shop

shopping the body shop 1 rottenotter rotten otter blog
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil | £7 // I don’t know why it took me so long to discover this little gem but I’m so glad I did. When I was a teenager I used and loved the tea tree range from The Body Shop but this was the one product I never got round to trying although I imagine it would have worked really well for me, no idea why I didn’t try it. I added it to my last order and managed to get it for half price which made it even more affordable. There’s several different ways of using it but most often I reach for it as a spot treatment. I simply use a clean cotton bud to apply it and let it sit overnight although it is clear and could be used under make-up. This is one of the cheapest and fuss free spot treatments I’ve tried and I find it a lot more effective than other products that are at least three times the price. This could also be used with water as a toner or a few drops in hot water as part of a facial. I also like to add a few drops to a bath to ease my itchy skin and the scent itself is really relaxing and helps if you’re suffering with a cold.

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub | £12.50 // I was a bit disappointed when I first tried this body scrub as it had been raved about by others but it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting. It has a pretty unique texture, at least compared to other body scrubs I’ve tried. It’s a gel almost jelly like scrub that when you apply it looks and feels like you’re spreading blueberry jam all over yourself. On wet skin it isn’t very abrasive and I’ve found it works better on dry skin. I tend to apply it and then hop into the shower or bath and wash it away. It’s not the most ideal way of using it but I don’t want to waste a product so will always try and find the best way to use it. I have a tub of the raspberry version but I don’t think I’d buy another one although I do think it’s a limited edition product.

The Body Shop Peach Shower Gel | £4 // You won’t understand how good this smells unless you are able to smell it in person. It smells amazing! The scent reminds me of summer as we always have peaches in the house that time of year. I always stock up on The Body Shop shower gels when I find a good discount code as they last a long time, the scent is always really strong and they don’t dry my skin out. They’re quite expensive when bought full price but I don’t think I ever have, there’s always discount codes floating around. Unfortunately this looks like another limited edition product that isn't available anymore but hopefully TBS bring it back out next year.

The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel | £4 // This is another shower gel that just smells absolutely amazing! I can’t rave about these enough and have quite a collection at the moment as I just can’t get enough of them. I also use these as bubble bath when I don’t want to use any of my other more expensive products.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray | £6 // If  you’re a fan of the Liz Earle foot spritzer like me but fancy something a little cheaper then this is for you. I only tend to reach for this in the summer time or when I'm abroad and it's hot but it's something I'll always have sitting in my beauty stash. As well as doing a very good job at hiding smelly feet, this spray is also really cooling and refreshing and feels a dream to apply. If it's particularly hot then I like to spray it on my ankles and legs to feel even more refreshed. It would be great if it was available in a mini spray bottle so you're able to carry it around in your bag but it's not too difficult to decant a little bit into a different bottle.

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13 November 2014

NOTD // Orly Go Deeper

notd orly go deeper over black nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
Orly Go Deeper // two coats

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12 November 2014

Skin Care Additions 002

skin care additions 00 rottenotter rotten otter blog

These past six months or so I've made an effort to use what I have instead of constantly buying new products. This was especially the case for my skin care as I had a lot of half used products that I was completely ignoring. The last month or two I've managed to finish quite a few products and have finished the cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser I was using. It was about time I introduced some new products into my routine and thought I'd share them.

I've added a Clarisonic to my Christmas wishlist so in the hopes that my mum takes the hint I'll be using the First Aid Beauty cleanser with it. Although this is a cleanser that does foam and lather when you add water, it doesn't dry out or irritate my sensitive skin at all. It's definitely not your standard foaming cleanser we're meant to stay away from. I've been struggling to find a moisturiser I like out of what I have in my collection so thought I'd try this one from Nuxe in the hopes I find something that feels light on the skin but hydrates my dry skin.

After trying a couple of mini tubes of the Vichy Idealia Life Serum from various Feel Unique orders I was excited to see the full size, along with the eye cream, arrive through the post. If you're looking for a serum to brighten dull skin then this is the one for you. The Eye cream has a really unusual and unique plastic applicator which is also very brightening and illuminating.

Finally the fourth new product is from Origins and despite the really long name, is essentially a hydrating toner. I tend to pour some onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. I do prefer toners in spray form so I don't have to use cotton pads but if a product works then I can ignore this. I'll probably write some more in depth reviews at some point or as part of my skin care diary series.

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10 November 2014

NOTD // Orly Watch It Glitter

notd orly watch it glitter nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
Orly Watch It Glitter// one coat

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08 November 2014

Project Sample Use Up 024

project sample use up 024 rottenotter rotten otter 2 Lea Journo Hydra-Riche Hydrating Conditioner // This was an ok conditioner but not really worth the £21 price tag. I also found the packaging a bit difficult to use one handed.

Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Hand Cream //  I've kept this little hand cream in my bag as it was the perfect size. I love the fresh fig scent but there was something about this scent that was just a bit too strong and overwhelming especially when I was using it in work. I think I prefer the scent as bath products where they don't linger for hours after and interfere with the perfume I'm wearing. I liked the formula so I'd probably look into a different more subtle scent if I was to repurchase.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting // I already have a mini bottle of this serum so no need to think about buying the full size. Although I haven't used this for long enough to really tell if it's made a difference to my complexion it has made my skin feel nice and keeps it hydrated.

Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands Hand Cream x5 // This was just an ok hand cream and I wouldn't buy the full size. I much prefer the other hand creams I have like Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm.
project sample use up 024 rottenotter rotten otter 1
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser // I was pretty disappointed with this cleanser as I've loved all the other products I've tried from Fresh so far. Luckily I only had this sample sachet and hadn't bought the full size. I only got about two uses from the sachet but it irritated my skin a bit while I was using it so I was glad to finish it despite it being marketed as a gentle for all skin types cleanser. It's unusual for me to reach for a foaming cleanser, I tend to stick with balms, and this felt like it dried my skin out too much plus it's pretty expensive.

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner // Even from only getting one use out of these sachets I was really impressed with how well the shampoo and conditioner worked. My hair not only smelt amazing but it felt incredibly soft without feeling too fluffy. Once I finish the shampoo I'm currently using I'll be buying the full size of both.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purpose Dry Oil // There was a surprising amount in this sachet and got one full body application from it. I really like body oils as they're incredibly moisturising and also can be used as a bath oil as well. This particular oil is a dry oil so it sinks into the skin very quickly and easily and I can put my pj's on pretty much straight away after applying it. This can also be used as a hair or face oil as well. I already have a mini bottle so wont be needing to buy the full size just yet.

Giovanni 2 Chic Or Not 2 Chic? Shampoo & Conditioner // This was an ok shampoo and conditioner and while it was nice to use it didn't impress me that much.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume // I already have the full size Daisy Dream perfume and just found this one use sample in a magazine so thought I'd save it. This version is quite different to the original Daisy and reminds me a lot of YSL Parisienne which I also love.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume // I'm not sure if it's still available but on the Jo Malone website you could request a postcard sample to be sent to you so I was able to try the new perfume that everyone has been raving about. It's just as lovely as I had hoped it would be but I really don't need any more perfumes especially an expensive one from Jo Malone.

One Direction Our Moment Perfume // This was a nice scent, and another one from a magazine, but it wasn't anything special. It just sort of reminded me of a general celebrity scent unlike some others which stand out and smell more expensive than they are.

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06 November 2014

NOTD // Orly It's A Meteor

notd orly its a meteror nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats
Orly It's A Meteor // one coat

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05 November 2014

Whats In My Wash Bag // Long Weekend Away Edition

whats in my makeup bag long weekend edition rottenotter rotten otter blog
balance Me Cleanse And Smooth Face Balm // Roques Oneil Therapie Restore Aura Spray // Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream // Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting // Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream // Weleda Skin Food // Figs & Rouge Mango Hand Cream // Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo // Phyto Phytobaume Hydration Conditioner // Beauty Protector Protect & Oil // Janira Thia Lime & Ginger Hand Wash // Roques Oniel Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts // Roques Oniel Therapie Equilbrium Bath & Shower Essence // Roques Oniel Therapie Boost Hair & Body Wash // Roques Oniel Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Serum.

There's nothing better than miniature products! I have a whole drawer full of them so a long weekend away is the perfect opportunity to take them with me. I usually just take all my full size products as I'm a terrible over packer but this year I'm trying to be a bit more sensible. I don't need a full size cleanser if I'm only going to be there for four days. I'm off to stay in a log cabin Friday until Monday with all my family. We go every year and have done for probably more than ten years now. It's my immediate family and then aunties, uncles and cousins. We always go for the bonfire weekend so there's a giant bonfire and fireworks on Saturday night.

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04 November 2014

Mini Reviews 022 // Therapie

therapie gift set rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 therapie gift set rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 therapie gift set rottenotter rotten otter blog 2
Boost Hair & Body Wash | £17 // Now a shower gel that costs £17 is not one to be used on a daily basis and I've been saving this and using is sparingly. I expected this to smell heavenly, as I really like the scent of the detox salts, it smells nice but nothing outstanding which is a bit disappointing. It's quite a watery shower gel so I tend to use it with a shower lily so it's easier to use and lathers up well. It's been nice to use but I wouldn't rush out and buy the full size. I'm glad I was able to try this mini first!

Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence | £40 // This bath essence is a fancy name for a bath oil and it certainly is luxurious, like all the other products from Therapie. It smells absolutely amazing of rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, orange and the newly discovered fragonia. It's the lavender and sandalwood in it that I find most relaxing and are two of my all time favourite notes in perfumes and bath products. This can be poured into running water for a relaxing bath or massaged over dry skin before having a shower. I like to add a couple of drops and a handful of the detox salts if I'm feeling particularly stressed or anxious and I always feel better when I get out.

Cherish Skin Repair Serum | £44 // I wouldn't necessarily call this a serum, to me it feels more like an oil. It contains a lot of great ingredients such as argan oil, rice bran, avocado, red raspberry seed, broccoli seed and carrot tissue together with sea buckthorn, blackcurrant and rosehip seed. At £44 for 200ml it's definitely a luxurious product to be used when you simply need a good pamper. I tend to use it on a Sunday after a bath using the detox salts, shower essence and shower gel to complete my routine. Unlike other serums, and I've never tried one before, this a serum for your body and like I said it's more like a body oil. A small bit goes a long way and the pump on the full size bottle makes applying it really easy. With this travel size though I have to be a bit more careful I don't end up pouring the whole bottle into my hand. It's incredibly moisturising and I tend to apply it to my skin when I've just got out of the bath as it sinks in easier if the skin is a little damp.

Himalayan Detox Salts | £37 // This is the only product out of the five that I had already tried before and have been through several packets of. If you struggle to relax and/or sleep and you haven't tried these then you really need to. It's expensive but if used sparingly then the large jar will last a really long time. Plus you can buy a refill bag after buying the jar and it works out to be cheaper. Simply add a handful to a running bath and then relax. After getting out the bath you're not meant to touch or go near anything electrical and you'll sleep better that night. I don't usually stick with this rule as I find watching an episode of tv or a film before bed relaxing but I definitely sleep better after using these bath salts. I'm not entirely convinced this is purely because I've used the bath salts, more that I feel more relaxed after having a bath and therefore sleeping better. The bath salts do help though! These aren't to be used during pregnancy so that's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of buying them.

Restore Aura Spray | £26 // I've been using this as my hydrating toner after using a exfoliating toner. Not only does this smell amazing but the whole spritzing it on my face I find really relaxing and an enjoyable step in my routine. If I don't want to spray it onto my face then I quite often spray it into my hands and then pat it into my skin. I tend to do this if I've just straightened or curled my hair and don't want to get it wet. It smells of roses but also contains frankincense water, basil, lemon oil & crystal essences of rose quartz & amethyst. Would I buy the full size for £26? Now I've tried it and feel like I've got my fix then no probably not. There's a million and one other hydrating toners I want to try!

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03 November 2014

NOTD // Orly Blend

notd orly blend nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Orly Blend* // two coats

I don't normally go for purple nail polishes but this one from Orly has a hint of taupe to it which makes it more me. What I've found with these types of colours from Orly is that they dry a little darker than what you'd expect when looking at the bottle. Application was good with the formula being slightly thicker than normal which meant I was able to get away with only two coats. As with all Orly crème nail polishes, the finish is so glossy that I only apply a top coat to make it dry quicker and last longer. If you don't have a problem with chipping like I do then you can totally skip a top coat. Blend is a part of the Smoky Autumn/Fall 2014 collection and I'm thinking Highlight, a light grey crème, is next on my list!

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02 November 2014

Shopping // Essentials

shopping rottenotter rotten otter blog 1
The Konjac Sponge for Tired or Devitalized Skin // The Konjac Sponge for Oily + Spot Prone Skin // Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray // Deep Steep Honeydew And Spearmint Bubble Bath // Thierry Mugler Alien Extraordinaire Perfume // Original Source Orange And Ginger Shower Gel // Original Source Pineapple And Coconut Oil Shower Gel. 

First Impressions:
  • two sponges, I couldn't decide which one to get so I got both
  • another bottle of daily defence, my favourite leave-in conditioner
  • I prefer Alien Extraordinaire to the original 
  • needed a new bubble bath and went for this unusual scent
  • two new scents from original source, they both smell amazing

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