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Rose Jam Shower Gel // So White Shower Gel // Dreamwash Shower Smoothie // Ro's Argan Body Conditioner // Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub // Christmas Eve Bubble Bar // Snowcake Soap // Sparkler Ballistic // Northern Lights Ballistic. 

I made a Lush order for a few essentials and repurchases I was missing in my collection. My eczema has been playing up a bit lately with the change in weather so I wanted to have Dreamwash to use as a soap substitute as well as Ro's Argan Body Conditioner to keep my skin moisturised without feeling heavy and sticky. Another repurchase is the bright blue body scrub which always reminds me of Breaking Bad and the blue Meth. A floral smelling scrub that just works so well.

How could I not resist adding a couple of the Christmas products to my order as well?! Christmas Eve bubble bar is an essential every year as well as snowcake soap. So White shower gel smells just like the apple bath bomb and is a new product this year. This year they've released two bath bombs for bonfire night which I don't think they've done before. I used half of the yellow one last night and it turned my bath yellow, bit odd I must say, but smelled amazing and inside was copper glitter.

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  1. Great picks, I love the Rose Jam shower gel!

  2. Oooh this makes me excited to go sniff all the xmas things in store sometime this week!

  3. I so want to try the bonfire night specials

  4. I love the smell of Rose Jam, I remember from last year.

    beth // lots of sparkle

  5. I can't wait to go home for Christmas and pick up some new products from LUSH! There isn't one near me so I can only add to my shopping list when seeing these posts! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. Great picks, Christmas Eve is a essential pick up!

  7. I am in dior need of placing a Lush order soon! This is a lovely haul

    Gaby // etcGabrielle

  8. I try to avoid Lush as much as possible because I know that I'll pick something up if I go in! My eczema has been having a bit of a flare up lately as well so I think I'll take a look at that Dreamwash next time I'm there.

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  9. Need to get that Christmas shower's a pain in the a** if you don't have a bath tube :(

  10. mmmmm...)))) Cool!

  11. These looks amazing, I love the lush christmas stuff so good.
    Zeynab x
    The Beautifully Disastrous

  12. I love ro's body conditioner, makes the skin super soft. Love the rest of your picks too :)
    Rasya /

  13. i love lush! juts went in the other day and brought cupcake face have to try it ! x


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