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The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care | £5 // Despite not needing another lip balm to add to my collection, I ordered this one from The Body Shop after Estée raved about it and I couldn't resist trying it. It has a really fruity scent which surprised me especially as it contains aloe, I expected it to just smell fresh. The tube means it's the perfect lip balm to keep in your handbag as it's more hygienic. I've actually had this sitting on my desk so I remember to reapply throughout the day as my lips have been a lot drier these past few weeks. Although it doesn't beat my top three lip balms but it comes close and probably takes spot number four. A light layer is all you need as it's incredibly moisturising. It's even helped when my lips have had visible bits of dry skin on them, gross but we've all had it! Also it;s affordable at the full price but even better if you use one of the many discount codes floating around for The Body Shop.

Origins No Puffery Cooling Eye Mask | £24 // Although slightly out of season now, this is a must if you suffer from hayfever or puffy eyes when you wake up. It's definitely an essential for me! Apply a small amount around your eyes, leave it on for about ten minutes and you'll notice an instant cooling effect and a difference to puffiness. The only thing that would make this eye mask better if it had a metal ball on the end like the cooling eye roll has. I can get the same effect though by using a jade roller after I've applied the mask and it really helps to decrease puffiness and drains the fluid away. Plus keep this in the fridge and it will feel and be a lot more effective.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Cream | £50 // This moisturiser has recently been reformulated and although I assume it hasn't changed too much, I can only comment on the old formula. This is one that I really recommend you trying to get a sample of before buying. The girl on the counter gave me a very generous sized sample, you really couldn't fit any more product into the jar, and the sample lasted me about a month using it daily. This was, at least I thought so, enough time to truly test it out. I loved the cream and how it felt on my skin so I bought the full size.

Fast forward a few months and for some reason my skin just isn't agreeing to this cream anymore. It felt like the cream was just sitting on my skin and not sinking in and leaving it feeling greasy no matter how little I applied. I thought it might just be because my skin could have changed a bit since I first bought it but I think it might be down to the serum I was applying before it. I was using the Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Fluid and the two just didn't seem to work well together. Towards the end of the tub, as I've now finished it, I was using Caudalies SOS Vinosource Thirst Quenching Serum and the two worked a lot better together and I found the cream sunk into my skin nicely. Definitely mixed feelings on this cream and I'm not sure if I'd buy it again.

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  1. I have the face cream! I love origins products but I don't think I would repurchase that particular product just because I find it a bit too much for my skin! Just found your blog :D

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. I'd always wanted to try the Origins face cream but was so put off by the price! Especially as I've heard you should spend more on serums and oils than a moisturiser, after hearing your experience I don't think it would suit my ever so oily skin at all...

  3. Cant say a mushroom cream would make me want to buy it, but I do think it sounds pretty good. Just hope any mushroom scent stays away!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. haha luckily it doesn't smell like mushrooms! If it did I would not be able to put it on my face! :) xx


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