Vera Wang Lovestruck

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Vera Wang Lovestruck has been a fragrance that I have fallen in and out of love with since I bought it last summer. The advertising, bottle design, having loved other Vera Wang perfumes and the fact that Leighton Meester (love!) was the face of the perfume made me want to buy it and I hadn't even smelt it. I decided to go to an actual Boots store first instead of ordering it online blind, which I have actually done with a lot of my perfumes and luckily I've loved them all, and risking a chance that I might not like it despite liking all the notes of the perfume. I smelt it, loved it and bought the largest size. Probably not the wisest decision since it took me a year to finish it and at times I really didn't like it.

The notes are tuberose, lotus blossom, pink guava, mandarin, woods and sheer musk. The notes are what I'm usually drawn to in perfumes but saying that, it isn't similar to other perfumes I have. At first it smells quite light and fresh, not too floral, but once it dries down the wood notes and muskiness appear. Over the last few months I've been using it as my work perfume as I can still smell it on myself after an eight hour shift. It isn't an overpowering or heavy scent, more of a background scent.

Although not particularly practical especially for travelling, I absolutely love the bottle design. It could have looked cheap or tacky but it just works so well. I've since ditched the empty bottle and have kept the floral bouquet on my bookshelves.

Despite going through phases of not liking it and forgetting about it, not really sure why I wasn't a fan at times, I finished the bottle really loving it but now I've tried it, I don't think I'd buy another bottle unless I saw it on offer. I'm intrigued about how Lovestruck Floral Rush smells and how different it is.

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  1. Tje bottle looks great.

  2. This is one of my favourite fragrances, I love it so, so much. I was initially drawn to it because of the stunning bottle but what's inside is even better.


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