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Shower Gel | £4 // Although this range is called Honeymania it doesn't smell like honey from a jar, instead it's more of a floral scent. It's the perfect summer scent when you want something a bit different to the usual coconut summer holiday kind of scents. I love The Body Shop shower gels as they smell amazing, lather up really well even without a shower lily and make great bubble baths. This one is no different and I've been enjoying using it along with all the other products in the range. The shower gels also feel moisturising on the skin which is perfect for my dry skin.

Body Scrub | £12.50 // Over the years of trying different products from The Body Shop I've found that the body scrubs are really hit or miss. Some are amazing and incredibly effective while others are a bit of a let down. This one from the Honeymania range is unfortunately not very good. The texture is quite strange, it sort of feels like you're rubbing a body butter onto wet skin. I think this is the intention as it is described as a cream body scrub but it's just not abrasive and doesn't feel like it's getting rid of any dry skin. Although I'll be finishing the tub I wont be rushing out to buy anther one and wouldn't recommend it.

Bubble Bath Melt | £8 // This reminds me of the Laura Mercier Honey Bath which is the main reason I bought it as it would be great if I found a cheaper alternative. Obviously it has a completely different scent to the honey bath, once it's in the water though it's hard to tell the difference. You can scoop a little bit of the Bubble Bath Melt out of the tub with your hands, or if you have a honey dipper like I do you can use that, and run it under your tap and it will create a whole tub of bubbles. I'm really impressed with this especially if you can get it on offer like I did.

Body Butter | £13 // Although in the summer I don't tend to need something as heavy as a body butter on my skin, I have been using it on my feet a lot to prepare them to see the world in sandals. Saying that though I have been using small amounts on my legs and arms if they're feeling particularly dry. If you apply a small amount it sinks in straight away and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin.

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  1. Lovely review, I have the honey lip balm and its so nice! The smell is amazing and its moisturising on the lips x


  2. The bath melt sounds so cool! I've never used one before! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  3. I adore the bubble melt - I've been through two tubs!x

  4. I absolutely love this range! The lip balm is one of my favourites, and I definitely need to try the bath melt.

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor


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