NOTD // Nails Inc Topping Lane

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Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Nails Inc Topping Lane // two coats

How had I forgotten about these polishes?! I bought them when they were first released and then once they went into my Helmer drawers I completely forgot about them. If you want to look like you've made a bit of effort with your nails or want to try nail art but aren't very good then these are the polishes for you. I'm sure you can buy them a bit cheaper than the original price now since they're a year or two old. They're also not horribly difficult to remove unlike other glitter polishes which is always a bonus.

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  1. This looks lovely! I did think removal would be horrible but good to know it's not too bad xx

  2. Love these. I'd forgotten about them too. So pretty!

    ​​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  3. Oh, this polish is really cute!


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