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Never would I have thought I'd be writing about body sprays on my blog. When I think of body sprays I think of myself back when I was about twelve or thirteen in the aisles of Boots or Superdrug trying to decide what Impulse body spray to buy. Now at twenty-four I have found myself back in the aisles of Boots deciding on which Q body spray to buy. I walked out with one but somehow managed to buy another one a few weeks later and getting a duplicate in a Latest In Beauty box. I feel like I need to pick up the third scent, Radiance, so I have all three.

The packaging is simple and the scents have more depth to them than you'd expect. I guess they're the more grown up version of a body spray. They remind me of the womens version of Lynx which I really like as well. I don't use them on an everyday basis as a replacement to perfume. Instead I like to use them before and after working out. I don't know if it's just me but I feel a bit odd when I leave the house without perfume on even if I'm just going for a walk or run. I always feel more put together even if I've just sprayed a bit of this body spray.

Awe | jasmine and rose
Balance | iris and mimosa
Radiance | rose and bergamot

They're a bargain price at only £2.29 and are easy to find. I bought mine from Boots but I've seen them in Sainsburys as well.

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