Mini Reviews 015 // The Body Shop Choco Mania

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Body Butter | £5 // This body butter was a free gift as I have The Body Shop reward card. I thought I'd order the shower gel so I could use them together. I have a thing about only using the same or similar scented bath and body products and I didn't have anything to match the moisturiser. I've tried the body scrub and although I liked the chocolate scent the product itself was horrible and I featured it in a disappointing products post. The body butter I actually really like. As with all The Body Shop body butters, it's incredibly moisturising but this version is slightly thicker than some of them. If you're careful with how much you apply then it will sink in properly and doesn't leave your skin feel sticky or greasy. This also makes a perfect foot cream and even works better than most creams that are designed for your feet. A layer of this and a pair of socks will make your feet feel extremely soft and smooth in the morning.

Shower Gel | £2 // This has the same chocolate scent and although not a very attractive colour, especially when used in the bath, it is a great shower gel. I tend to use a shower lily with these shower gels which makes them lather up like crazy. They also make great bubbles bath and feel quite moisturising for the skin.

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  1. Oh thanks for the tip about using it as a foot cream! I smelt this in store on Saturday and it was so yum!
    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  2. TBS never disappoint with their body butters!

    Beauty for the Beauty

  3. Chocomania smells amazing, I had the shower gel and I loved it!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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