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I think I like to put together and write these lifestyle favourites better than my beauty versions at the moment. My obsession interest in beauty products hasn't changed but I'm liking adding something a little different to my blog. Similar to my reading list I put together the other month, I guess it's just sharing my other likes and passions aside from beauty.

I've had Voss water bottles before, both large and small, and like all the Pinterest images, they're perfect for adding some fruit to flavour the water. I also tend to keep one on my bedside table, the risk of knocking over a glass is too high so I use a bottle, but after a while plastic bottles just get a bit grubby and horrible no matter how many times or how often you wash it. Enter a glass Voss bottle I spotted in Tesco. Yes it was incredibly expensive for what is essentially a water bottle but it's much easier to keep clean and will last a lot longer. A slightly boring thing to start with but it has definitely been a favourite!

Recently I've been trying to watch what I'm eating and try to make more of a conscious effort to eat healthier food. One thing I have always struggled with is breakfast as I can never eat straight after waking up and usually have to wait at least an hour. A quick and healthy breakfast for me is usually a smoothie packed full or fruit and veg or something like chia seed pudding with fruit. It fills me up and keeps me going until lunch time. Plus if you add a bit of peanut butter into the chia seed pudding it's like you're eating dessert for breakfast!

Despite trying to eat healthier, I still try and treat myself every now and again as I'm never going to continue if I cut out everything bad completely. My weakness is chocolate so my treat will usually evolve around that. A discovery while making an Ocado order was Lindt Pistachio Delight with almond pieces. Probably the only good thing about it is that my local Asda where I do my weekly food shop doesn't sell it so I'm not tempted to add it to my trolley every week. This chocolate takes absolutely amazing though and is up there in my top five favourite chocolate of all time. My dad also approves as well.

My final favourite is Living Etc Magazine which was a year long subscription I got for Christmas. Although I don't write about it too often, interior design is another interest of mine and I could flick through these magazines all day long. I also love getting these through the post each month as they always turn up when I've completely forgotten about it and am not expecting it. Before getting this subscription I bought a couple of different interior decorating magazines to see which one I liked the most and Living Etc is definitely it. After eight issues I am yet to become bored of the contents and not one issue has disappointed. I'm definitely going to ask for another subscription at Christmas for next year. And yes I'm already thinking about what I would like for Christmas.

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  1. I really want a voss waterbottle now you've made me really want to splurge out on one xx



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