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Synchro // Decoded // Preamp // Shockwave.

Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Orly Preamp // two coats

Preamp was part of Orly's Autumn 2012 collection, Electronica. The other three colours in the collection are Synchro - a duo-chrome red/pink, Decoded - a blue-grey and Shockwave - a royal blue jelly. Decoded reminds me a bit of Models Own moody Grey.

Preamp* is definitely my favourite out of the four from the collection and the most unique, I don't have any polishes like it. It's a pink with very fine gold shimmer that sort of looks like very fine flakies. The shimmer can also look bright pink depending on the light. It sort of has a jelly finish to it so I usually apply three coats but can sometimes get away with two. It also looks really great with a matte top coat. Despite needing a few coats, this polish applies like a dream. It's smooth and goes on even, it only needs a few coats to build up a colour, not to even out the look of the polish.

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  1. Nice shade, and looks really good matte too :) x

    1. I was so pleased it looked good matte, not all polishes do :) xx

  2. This is very pretty! I like the matte effect too x

  3. This is such a beautiful shade, it looks great on your skintone too. There's nothing worse than having a beautiful colour that just looks awful on yourself! xx

    1. I know! There's been so many polishes that I love but they just look horrible on me :) xx


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