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A trip to staples to look at the Martha Stewart range can finally be ticked off my to do list. My mum and I went the other weekend after both needing to pick up some stationary supplies. For her it was a sketch pad to take away on holiday and a new mouse mat and for me it was a new note book for the blog and page markers for said notebook and for my recipe books. Put my favourite colour, mint, together with stationary and I can't help but buy things I don't necessarily need. I also came home with a gold sharpie and MS to do lists. There's nothing better than actually ticking off things on your to do list rather than just writing them on normal paper, right?!

A trip to Boots to buy a birthday present for someone else obviously means I have to get a few bits for myself. I needed a new shower gel so I picked out the Cherry Blast scent from Radox as it was on offer. This smells absolutely amazing and lathers up really well, it also makes a pretty good bubble bath. A repurchase was the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara which I just can't live without, especially not in summer. I was just using my normal mascara on my bottom lashes, Clinique High Impact, as I'd run out of it. I don't know if it's just because the weather has warmed up a bit but I started to notice that by the end of the day my mascara had smudged on my bottom lashes and I start to look a bit like a panda. Since having the Bottom Lash Mascara in my possession again for the past week I've noticed a huge difference in the wear and longevity of my mascara and I don't have smudges under my lashes anymore.

A complete impulse buy was the Q Body Spray in Awe. I spotted it whilst browsing the isles and remember d reading about a different scent on Megs blog the other week, it was her gym bag post. Before a work out I like to use a bit of body spray in the same way that I hate to leave the house without applying perfume, it just feels a bit odd if I don't. I was using Lynx Attract for her but fancied a change. It was quite hard to choose between the three different Q scents, I liked them all, but finally decided on Awe, a mix of jasmine and rose.

So the Barry M nail polishes I chose are the complete opposite of spring and summer polishes but I just love these types of dirty shades. They're going to be perfect for in the Autumn although I'll still be wearing them over the next few months. L-R: Olive, Almond, Coconut and Elderberry.

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  1. I've been after a gold sharpie for ages! I love the look of Barry M Elderberry x


  2. Love the Barry M Gelly polishes!


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