Maragaret Dabbs Footcare Discovery Kit

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With summer fast approaching I thought I'd try this little set from Margaret Dabbs (£33) to try and get my feet looking somewhat presentable for when I start wearing sandals and flip flops.

Exfoliating Foot Mousse £15// The exfoliator has a unique consistency and isn't like any other product I've tried. It's made up of ground tea tree leaves and pumice and it almost feels like there isn't any other ingredients in it. It's very gritty and when you rub it into your feet it's like there isn't anything binding the exfoliating particles together so it's a lot more effective, if that even makes sense! Basically it feels like you're rubbing sand on your feet and nothing else. This is definitely one of the best exfoliators I've tried and although expensive, it would be nice to treat myself to it before the start of each summer. It doesn't have much of a scent unlike the other products which I was surprised about.

Hydrating Foot Soak £20 // This is the only product out of the four that I've tried before and already knew I liked. I either fill the bath up a little or a washing up bowl, not one we use for dishes, with warm water and couple of pumps of the foot soak, pop my feet in and relax for ten minutes. It smells like lemongrass and really helps to put the moisture back into your feet as well as making sure they're nice and clean before applying a cream or painting your nails.

Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion £25 // During the winter I tend to use a body butter as my foot moisturiser but as it gets towards summer and the weather warms up sometimes that just feels too heavy especially before going to bed. This lotion feels very light on the skin, once massaged in you wouldn't even know it was there, so I've been reaching for this over everything else recently. Although it does feel like and is a lotion, it's still very moisturising.

Intensive Treatment Foot Oil £22 // This is a very light oil that soaks into the skin really quickly. It's in a spray bottle which makes it so easy to apply and less messy. A few spritzes on each foot, massaged in and a pair of cotton socks and you'll wake up with incredibly soft feet. I tend to use this one more on the weekends and use the lotion on a daily basis.

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