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I've never really been a fan of solid perfumes as I always found them a bit of a faff to apply. You can only really apply them to skin and I like to spray my perfume on my clothes as well as I find the scent lasts longer this way. That is until this little stick perfume was part of a gift with purchase from Cult Beauty and it has completely changed my opinion.

The scent Zazou, housed in pretty floral cardboard packaging, is completely different to what I normally go for when it comes to perfumes. I'm not a huge floral fan but for some reason I fell in love with this as soon as I smelt it. As soon as you apply it the lemon and grapefruit notes are the strongest but as it sinks into your skin the neroli appears. There's also a hint of musk/wood which is what I like in a perfume and tend to gravitate towards. What surprised me most is how long the scent lasts on the skin. Although it tones down a bit as the hours go by, I can still smell it later on in the day after I've applied it in the morning.

When you're applying the perfume it feels more like balm rather than a perfume thanks to the shea butter base and feels very moisturising on the skin. I can see myself buying a couple more tubes and building a small collection of these solid perfumes! I'd like to smell all the different varieties so I can find one that is similar to the majority of perfumes I already own and then keep it in my bag as a top up throughout the day. They're £20 each and available from Cult Beauty.

Lily wrote a post about these solid perfumes last year and has included all the scent descriptions at the bottom if you want to have a look. It's easier than opening all of the pages on Cult Beauty and you can compare all the scents in one place.

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  1. I've always wanted to try one of these (the packagings are too cute!) but I'm a bit difficult when it comes to fragrances and would definitely prefer smell them first before buying! But this one sounds super lovely actually!

    x Giada | Miel Café

  2. Hey Katy! I have been very curious about these, and almost picked this one up during the Cult Beauty sale but held back!


  3. I have this too & it's gorgeous! Will definitely be picking up a new one when my current one runs out x



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