Ampersands Cross Stitch

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Back in August 2012 I bought and stitched an Ampersand sign from the Shop At Number 57. The shop isn't open at the moment, due to flooding they've had to close for a bit, but once they've opened up again I urge you to have a look at their shop and patterns if you're into cross stitch. 

Ever since I finished the first one I knew I wanted to reverse the colours and have them hanging below each other above my desk. While I'm not completely happy with black on white version, you can see the white fabric between the black stitches, I am really happy with how it looks and the effect it gives. 

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  1. How lovely! Very minimal but interesting. If the fabric is still showing, might I suggest using a all strands of the thread (if you only use half the thread like a lot of patterns call for) or use a cloth that has smaller gaps between the holes. I'm sure there are technical terms for these things but I hope that helps a bit!

    Alex from Refined Lately


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