21 May 2014

Minimising The Stash // Lips

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The other week I posted about spring cleaning my bathroom and wardrobe and I mentioned that I was about to work on my make-up collection. Well I finally did it and it feels good! I sorted through everything and got rid of products I just don't use or had expired and only kept products I know I'll use. Plus it means I now have room to buy some new products! I may or may not have already placed a NYX order for a couple of lip products that everyone raves about.

Before the sort out all my lip products were just throw into one compartment and I only really used the products on top as those are the one's I could see. There was a mix of lipsticks, tinted lip balms, lip glosses, lip liners and crayons. Now though everything has it's own place! My lipsticks are stored in a muji drawer on the top of my dressing table which I'll be blogging about soon. Lipglosses are kept together and the same for lip balms.

On a side note, who needs this many lip balms! My next mission is to work my way through them all and not buy any more until I do so. Ignoring the tinted lip balms, a standard lip balm is a lip balm and I only really need two or three right? One for my dressing table, one for my handbag and one for my bathroom which is where my skin care is.

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  1. I reaaally need to have a big Spring Clean in my make up drawers but I find it so difficult to throw the majority of it out, who knows when I might need it again - right?! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Haha, and I thought I had a lot of lip balms! I definitely need to give my lip drawer a bit of a spring clean, I'm sure I've got a few lipsticks in there I've not worn in over a year.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  3. My God just look at that lip stash! The clear out was totally imminent! isn't it for all of us? :P Greatly inspiring post!

    Le Blanc De Chanel Review | TheConscienceFund

  4. Congrats on reorganising! I find I get so much more use out of makeup when it's all nicely displayed and easy to access x


  5. I had a bit of a spring clean with my makeup recently and it feels so good having everything down to what you actually use and being able to see everything properly! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Wow, everything is so neat and organised! I love having a good clear-out and being able to find the products that I actually want to use! x

  7. I am the same with lip products I have far too many & I think quite a few need to be thrown out. Its so hard to part with some things. You managed to organise your stash - I think I will make it my mission to do the same, if not make a productive start

  8. Need to do this! Your drawers are to die for! x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  9. It was through spring cleaning that I, too, discovered I had way too many lip balms. Good luck using them all up, too!

  10. So many gorgeous products you have. The best thing with spring cleaning for me is the rediscoveration of so many old products that have been forgotten :) / almeidas.se

  11. Great job! That's the way to organize stuffs so that you got to check on them easily.


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