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Hand cream, a long with a couple of other types of products, is something I have multiples of. Whether it's different formulas, scents or sizes, I have a hand cream for any situation. I get really dry skin on my hands which causes my eczema to flare up so hand cream is an everyday essential for me. Other the years I've tried out some amazing hand creams and others that only got one or two uses before being thrown away.

My current hand bag hand cream is a mini tube of Laura Mercer Fresh Fig which smells absolutely amazing. I have a tube of Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Hand Cream in my desk drawer at work which sinks in incredibly quickly which is the most important quality, especially if I'm going to be typing straight away. The only downside is that the chocolate orange scent then makes me crave Terrys chocolate orange!

The balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream is one I can't make up my mind about. I love the way it makes my hands feel as it's more like a balm than a cream, sort of reminds me of Weleda Skin Food. As it's so thick though it takes a long time to sink in and does leave a greasy feeling behind. I use it before bed but even then the greasy feeling isn't very nice.

There's usually a tube of Soap & Glory's Hand Food in my collection but for the time being I'm using and enjoying the newer hand cream offering from S&G, Hand Dream. It's a bit of a thicker formula than the original and contains AHA's to keep skin soft.

An old favourite, which I've repurchased several times, is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. This is one that I use when I know I have time to sit and just let it sink in or before I'm going to bed. It's a very thick cream but a little bit can be applied and it'll sink in quicker. As a side note, this makes an incredible foot cream. Another The Body Shop hand cream is the Almond version and has a much thinner consistency so is the one I reach for during the day. I wouldn't rush out and buy this one again after I've finished it but I'm enjoying using it non the less.

One of my favourites is Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and not just because I love the packaging. This one has a pretty unique formula, it's a cream but once you start rubbing it into your skin it almost turns into a balm. It isn't sticky though and doesn't leave a greasy feeling to your hands. I also love how this smells and find it really relaxing to use before bed.

Finally the newest addition, Pai's Fragonia & Seabuckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream which I bought when the eczema on my hands was particularly bad and no other hand cream was really helping. It's designed for dry and chapped skin so it's incredibly moisturising but it surprisingly sinks in really quickly.

Any other hand creams I need to try once I've used these?

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  1. Im currently using the Laura Mercier hand cream in ambre vanille and i adore it, the scent lasts for hours which is good, if i use it up my arms its almost like using perfume for the day, i love it :)



  2. You have quite a selection of handcreams. Im unsure of the S&G handfood. Its quite greasy & the smell is a little sweet for me. I love the balance Me handcreams but like to use them more in the winter as they can feel a little heavy.
    NEOM or Jurlique are my favourite brands for hand creams, you can't go wrong with them & they smell luxurious & grown up

  3. I love hand creams! I've no tried the newer Soap & Glory one but Hand Food is fabulous :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  4. I have two tubes of the hemp hand cream on the go at minute, and really miss the almond one! x

  5. love the sound of the Aesop Hand Balm!! Lately iv'e been loving the Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream, it leaves my hands feeling super soft and smells divine :) xx

  6. The only one I've tried here is the S&G. Some of these look gorgeous! I'm partial to L'Occitane's hand creams, especially the honey and rose ones.

    Katie x and-katie.com

  7. I use the Body Shop Almond Hand Cream every night before bed and it is so moisturizing! I really enjoy using it. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. I just got my hands on the Aesop one and previously I have really enjoyed the hemp one you mentioned! I also love the L├│ccitaine hand cream which is amazing!

    Travel Friendly Makeup | http://theconsciencefund.com


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