Growing Courgettes 2014

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Although a lot later than planned, last weekend I planted courgette seeds for the third year in a row. If I could I'd have a whole garden, or allotment, filed with fruit and veg but for now I'm happy with growing courgettes. I'm not a natural gardener and don't particularly have a green thumb. I have managed to kill the majority of plants I've tried to grow but for some reason, probably because you don't really have to do too much, I can grow courgettes. Last years plants managed to produce about thirty-ish courgettes so I'm hoping for the same amount this year. I've mixed things up a bit though and bought seeds that hopefully will grow both yellow and green courgettes.

Although this is the third time growing courgettes, it still surprises me just how quickly these plants grow. I planted the seeds last Sunday, using old yogurt pots to create mini greenhouses, and nothing happened all week. I kept checking them each day to see if I could spot any shoots appearing but nothing. I looked yesterday morning and I could see one popping up. Mearly hours later all five appeared. It's almost like you can see them growing before your eyes they grow that quickly and it'll be no time before I have to plant them into buckets.

Anyone else growing fruit or vegetables this year?

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  1. ahahha! So cute, I think it would be nice to grow veggies xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. I have a real soft spot for courgette flowers, which are very hard to come by in the English capital so I might steal your idea and grow my own!

    - Elodie

  3. I would love to be able to grow corgettes, they're so yummy. Might give this a go.


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