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I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my hair, especially how I style it and the products I use. After washing I will more often than not use a leave-in conditioner, salt spray, oil and leave it to dry naturally. Naturally I have wavy/curly hair that is prone to being frizzy so the salt spray helps to enhance the curls and the oil helps to reduce frizz as well as adding some moisture to my dry hair.

Nonetheless I thought I'd share the products I'm currently using. I tend to only change up the products I use when I actually come to the end of a bottle so it might take a while, but I'm sure I'll update when I'm using something new. The shampoo and conditioners I use are what change the most often but I'm currently using Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo as my first shampoo. Despite being a huge fan of Philip Kingsley products, I'm not so keen on this one. I don't think it makes a difference to my sensitive scalp and I'm just trying to finish the bottle. I then follow up with another shampoo using Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo. This shampoo I love and cannot go without. I'm onto my second bottle and will continue to use it for as long as it works. If you have a sensitive eczema prone itchy scalp and other shampoos just irritate this then you need to give this shampoo a go. Plus it smells like apples!

Since I have a sensitive scalp and extremely dry hair I actually only wash my hair once a week. More often and it makes my scalp itchy and my hair even drier. Therefore I like to use a deep conditioner or mask every other wash. This changes all the time but I'm currently working my way through Andrew Barton SOS Help Me! Conditioner. This is an old favourite that just works well and is pretty cheap. On washes when I don't use a mask then I just use a regular conditioner, Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Conditioner. This has a thin consistency so it doesn't weigh the hair down but it's still very moisturising. Pretty impressed with this one despite not loving the shampoo.

Once my hair is towel dried I'll apply a bit of Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner For Flaky Itchy Scalps. I apply this to the areas I get eczema which is mainly my hair line and parting and then a bit at the crown and nape of my neck. This is another product you need to try if you have an itchy scalp! I then follow up with a leave-in conditioner as my hair, especially the ends, get very dry. I spray Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner Spray all over and then sort of scrunch my hair to distribute it. I'm not crazy about it like other people are, instead just trying to use it. I find if I apply too much my hair can go a little sticky feeling. You can read my full review here.

This a new product to my routine, Sachajuan Ocean Mist, and first of all I love the packaging! The product is just as amazing as well. I've just recently gotten back into using salt sprays and they really help to enhance and exaggerate curl in your hair if it's already there. I also find I can be quite liberal when spraying it into my hair and it doesn't leave it feeling stiff or crunchy. To make sure my hair doesn't turn into a frizz ball I always finish off with a bit of hair oil. Not only does this smooth out my hair, it helps to define the curls and add much needed moisture to my hair. I'm currently using Ojon Rare Blend Hair Oil which you shake to mix up the layers. A little of this goes a long way so it's lasted me a really long time. I also love the scent of this. Finally I will just let my hair dry naturally before going to bed.

What products are you using in your hair routine?

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  1. I've tried No Scent, No Colour and was disappointed too! Need to try Itchy, Flakey Scalp x

    1. Definitely regret not buying the travel size of the shampoo first! Just trying to use it up at the moment so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money, wouldn't buy it again though :) xx

  2. The packaging of Philip Kingsley is just too good! i love such intelligent no-fuss bottles! I love the Ocean mist myself!

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