A Spring Clean

So for the past two weekends I've been spending my days spring cleaning so thought I'd share what I've been up to. This post is all inspired by Anna and her bathroom tidy up and Lily's wardrobe sort out.

Since we bought new bathroom cupboards last year I don't think I've actually given them a proper deep clean. I've cleaned the glass shelves a couple of times but not done the whole hog. It was about time to take everything out, have a good sort through, clean and then put everything back in nice and neatly. Let's see how long it takes before everything becomes one big mess again!

I went through all my skin care products and sorted them into two categories: products I'm using everyday and products I either haven't used yet or don't use very often. With a bit more space on this shelf meant I was able to add in my toners, eye cream, serums and moisturisers instead of storing them in my bedroom. Everything else has now been stored away in my bedroom until I finish other products. I'll have a post up soon listing all the products in here and I'm currently using up soon.
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Next up on my spring clean was my wardrobe. This isn't completely finished for summer, I still have all my shorts packed away, as the weather has been horrible recently so I'm still needing the majority of my jumpers and warmer tops. I did try everything on though and finally get rid of some clothes that just needed throwing away or giving to a charity shop.

In a month or so I'll have to have another sort out and pull out my summer clothes from under my bed but for now at least I know I'll wear everything and actually have space on the rail to buy some new clothes.

My next task is sorting out my make-up collection!

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  1. Your very own "Top Shelf" update! loved it!

    FOTD | Forgotten makeup heroes

  2. I love the bathroom sort out, definitely makes me realise I need to do mine, it's slightly bulging haha!

    Frankie Boo Blog

  3. You have some great products in your bathroom cabinet :) / almeidas.se


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