The Happiness List 002

the happiness list 002 rottenotter rotten otter blog A list of 10 things that have made me happy:
  1. having family over for Easter 
  2. and a four day weekend
  3. dreading a day at work and then it not being anywhere near as bad as I imagined
  4. finding a cat whisker and hoping it brings me luck
  5. discovering Dairy Milk Caramel Pots Of Joy. they really are pots of joy!
  6. finishing work at 8pm and it still being light out
  7. finally finding a bouquet of babies breath after looking for months. Asda why do you not sell them anymore?!
  8. a cold mars bar straight out of the fridge
  9. H&M joggers that make weekends so much comfier
  10. midi rings, still completely obsessed with them

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  1. ohhh i love these kind of posts! i am now craving a cold mars bar, mmm x


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