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You're Blushing // Prelude To A Kiss // Jealous, Much? // Faint Of Heart // Steel Your Heart // Artificial Sweetener.
Orly quickly became one of my favourite nail polish brands when I first tried their polishes and has been for a few years now. Their base and top coats are really good and they have a great range of colours. I haven't come across a polish that has a horrible formula either. The mini's are also stocked in Boots so you can try them out without buying the full size bottle.

You're Blushing was part of the spring 2012 collection, Cool Romance. Despite being two years old, I've only just got round to talking about them on the blog! I've only just bought this colour as I wanted to complete the collection so it has the new bottle design while the others are in the old style.

This was such a hard colour to photograph. I don't know if it was the light and that it was quite sunny but it kept photographing as a taupe shade, which you can see in the second photo. After a lot of photos and moving around in different light I finally took a photo which shows off the true colour. It's definitely a purple with a hint of taupe. I'm not a huge purple nail polish fan, apart from pastel tones, but I'm loving this one more than I thought I would. It's probably my favourite out of the whole collection and it applied like a dream.

What's your favourite shade of nail polish to wear?

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  1. This shade is beautiful on your skin tone! I'm a big fan of purples and pinks on my nails, probably because my natural hand colour is normally either purple or pink, haha! x

  2. Looks like a lovely shade! I only tried Orly polishes when I received a magazine freebie and I agree, they're great! I recently tried a Formula X polish from Sephora and that's my favourite shade at the moment xx

  3. This is a really pretty shade. I only have one Orly polish & I love the formula of it. It lasts a really long time on my nails too

  4. That Orly shade is absolutely stunning! I may just have to add that to my little list as that is one of the nicest shades I've seen in a while.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. What a beautiful shade!!! I just got into Orly, and I'm really happy with them so far.
    Blushing Biddies


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