100 Day Spending Ban // Finished

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So the 100 day spending ban has finally come to an end. Technically I failed as I did spend money but aside from the Nars Narsissist Palette, everything else I bought I justified in one way or another.

Saying all that though, I have managed to put away some savings which was the whole point of the spending ban. I also haven't bought a single nail polish and instead have been enjoying using what I have and discovering some old favourites I haven't used for a while. I also haven't bought any skin care products or make-up which I'm pretty proud about. I successfully managed to ignore that Sephora has started to ship to the UK despite adding things to my basket on several occasions, mainly that Marc Jacobs eye shadow palette, but I never clicked checkout!

I ordered a couple of clothing items from ASOS but apart from a dress and cardigan for work as well as a pair of jeans, all of which I deemed essentials, I sent everything back for a refund. I went into TKMaxx a few times over the last three months and apart from a hand soap for the bathroom, I left empty handed despite falling in love with a million things in the home section and finding out they now sell Nest candles. I also managed to avoid the bag section which is always my downfall.

I also haven't bought any new books, instead I've been working my way through what I haven't read and getting new books out of the library. I'm also on track to complete my Goodreads 2014 book challenge to read 52 books this year.

Another reason I wanted to do this spending ban was to use up the products I already have before buying anything new. In the past three months I have finished; 8 hair products, 9 skin care products, 12 bath & body products, 3 make-up products, 4 nail products and 2 perfumes. 

If you were taking part in the 100 day spending ban, how did you get on?

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  1. Well done! I think I could easily do this haha. Some people find it so hard though!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. You're inspiring me to kick start another spending ban. I'd love to finish up nearly as many products as you did!

  3. Well done! :) I finished too my 100 day spending ban today. I feel wonderful. I know exactly what I want to buy, so no more throwing my money away.

  4. That's so well done! I never think I could do something like that. I'm just too much of a spender ;)


  5. I 100% failed at my spending ban and saved nothing, I'm too stuck in my ways about spending money haha :(



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