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I was writing a beauty box post last month and it got me thinking of the products I've bought after trying a sample size from a box. I thought there wouldn't be that many products but I turned out to be wrong! A lot of these products have become all time favourites and I probably wouldn't have tried them if they weren't included in a beauty box.

Everyone says how much they hate getting perfume samples in beauty boxes but I'm probably one of the few that actually like it. As you can see I've bought four different perfumes after trying samples of them in boxes. My current favourite is Elie Saab which I have a post about coming up next week.

Skin care products is probably the category from beauty boxes that I would skip as I have such sensitive skin and I don't like to try out any old product. They're also the one category of products that you need to actually use for a few weeks to see if the product suits your skin and more often than not you don't get enough product in the sample. Saying that though I have discovered two cleansing balms that have both become favourites a long with an oil, serum and cleansing water.

The only product I technically haven't gone out and bought the full size of is the KMS Wave Foam but this is simply because I'm still working my way through the bottle. Once this is empty and I've completed my spending ban, I will be ordering the full size. This is probably my favourite discovery out of them all as I know I never would have tried it as I don't tend to like hair mouse but this works amazingly well at defining the curl in my hair.

Which products have you gone out and bought after trying in a beauty box?

RMK Rose Cleansing Balm // Balance Me Radiance Face Oil // Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum // Laura Mercier Body Souffle // Lady Gaga Perfume // KMS California Curl Up Wave Foam // Elle Saab Perfume // Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter // Bioderma Micellar Solution // Yu-Be Skin Care // Lipsy Galm Perfume // Dr Bronner Liquid Soap // Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pefume // Colour Club Nail Polishes // Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm.

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  1. I'm also in the small category of people who likes perfume in sample box. But I prefer the minis over the vials! Now I don't remember if I did purchase somethinig from a beauty box, as I have so many things to finish but I'll have to check in my stash!

  2. I'm definitely with you on a few on these - the Caudalie serum is one of my favourite products ever and I first tried it in a beauty box. I found one of my favourite perfumes (Si Lolita) that way too.

    Katie | x

  3. I love the nip + fab products! I have the yoga blend lotion and the smell is AMAZING! lavender, coconut, and rose? i mean what is better than that! I will defiantly be trying some more of their stuff. all of this looks amazing by the way! xx


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