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As far as getting the most out of your products, this tube squeezer is probably the best thing I've bought. I've used it on normal things like toothpaste and hand cream but also to get the last of the tomato puree out of the tube! It's not often you see a tube squeezer in the shops so I thought I'd post about it. Before I bought this one I didn't even know they existed! I bought mine from Ebay for only a couple of pounds and I've already gotten my monies worth from the amount that I've used it. It also makes a really nice pattern when you have a metal tube like the Aesop Hand Cream.

Anyone else use a tube squeezer?!

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  1. This is such a useful little thing!

  2. Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense and I were discussing one of these at the weekend!! It's definitely on my wishlist - isn't that sad? I guess I've just reached the age where tools and homeware make me happy! T xx

  3. I really want to get one of these just to see how much product I'd usually waste! x

  4. I have one of these too, mine is plastic and has a wee cat face on it though. They're brill!


    Beth Young Makeup

  5. This looks so handy! I can't believe I haven't purchased something like this before

  6. yeah I definitely love my tube squeezer! the pattern on the tube afterwards make it so worth buying one!!

  7. This would be great for my Weleda tubes!

  8. What a great idea...I could use it in the kitchen for my puree tubes too which I'm always throwing away with a 1/4 still left!

    Jen xx

  9. This is such a handy tool! Thanks for sharing i'm actually going to check it out now xx


  10. I keep looking at these and I'm so tempted to get one, but I honestly don't think I have much I would be able to use it on! You're right about the cool patterns, I saw my friend use it on the Aesop hand cream before, so cool! Maybe if it would work on Shampoo and Conditioner I might go ahead and order one! xx

    1. Definitely get one! I use it on plastic tubes, especially hand creams, and it still works. It doesn't create the pattern but it does push all the product to the end of the tube :) xx

  11. I need one of these! I always end up cutting tubes open to get the last of the product out but it isn't practical for things like toothpaste! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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