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Despite only posting about this now, I actually finished this DIY back in September. Somehow this post worked it's way to the end of my drafts folder and I've only just come across it while I was deleting things.

I've had the same wardrobe since I was seven. I am now twenty-three. It's a good size for when you're seven and your clothes are tiny but I've struggled to fit all my clothes into it since I was a teenager. Not wanting to loose precious space in my bedroom by getting a bigger wardrobe I've got round it with some drawers in the bottom and using the space under my bed.

I have also hated the pine wood for several years but with the hopes of moving out of my parents I haven't wanted to buy something new if I didn't need to. An easy and cheap way to get rid of part of the pine was to cover the doors with sticky back plastic. I've done this before turning an old desk into what looked like a marble top.

A quick trip to Taskers to buy the plastic and B&Q to buy the door handles I was able to get started. If you want to do this yourself it's definitely a two person job and I had the help of my mum.

  • remove the doors and lay them onto something that elevates it off the ground
  • wipe clean to remove dirt and oil and leave to dry
  • cut plastic roughly to the shape of the doors. You want as little excess plastic as possible as it's easier to stick down this way
  • start attaching the plastic to the door from one end while the other person is smoothing it down with a cloth, this removes bumps and bubbles. This needs to be done slowly
  • once the front of the door is done carefully fold the edges down and neaten the corners
  • attach the door back onto the wardrobe and add the handles.
Since changing the doors I've tidied up the top of my wardrobe and everything it looking a bit more grown up,I think this is just because it's been my wardrobe since I was a kid, and a lot less cluttered. 

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  1. It looks really good! I've got an old chest of drawers that I've had since I was around 3, and the chunky, round plastic handles are what makes it look childish so I've bought some new handles that are similar to the ones you've chosen!


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