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Firstly I just love the packaging of Trilogy products with the glass bottles and simple design. They look really good on a dressing table or on display in the bathroom.

Cream Cleanser - This cleanser probably gets the least use out of them all but only because I'm preferring a balm cleanser at the moment but I still really like and enjoy using it. It's pretty good at removing make-up but I like to take my eye make-up off with a micellar water, just like I would do with any cleanser. I use this cleanser when my skin is dry and feeling more sensitive than usual as it's very gentle and calming. You massage a pump or two on damp skin and then rinse off using a muslin cloth. After cleansing my skin is never left feeling tight or dry, instead it's left feeling moisturised and soft. £22.50 for 200ml

Hydrating Mist Toner - This is the toner I reach for when my skin is at it's driest but also when it's been quite sensitive and irritated. Although you don't notice instant results with this toner I find it really relaxing to use and it helps my serum and moisturisers to sink in better. It's not an essential product but one I always like to use. £17.50 for 100ml.

Very Gentle Calming Fluid - This can be used in a number of ways; as a serum underneath moisturiser, in between serum and moisturiser or as a lightweight moisturiser on it's own. It's aimed at skin that reacts to pollution, prickly heat, skin irritations, hormones and adverse reactions which basically describes my own skin. The key points for me is that it's fragrance-free and alcohol-free as they're the two things that my skin reacts to when it comes to products. This has become a key part of my skin care routine and I'm really glad I discovered it.

You can read my full review here. This is now named Very Gentle Calming Serum but I'm not sure if it's still the same product or if they've reformulated it. If they have, I only hope it's for the better! If anyone knows please let me know! £28.50 for 30ml.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - This was the first Trilogy product I tried before I went on to buy the others as it was raved about my a blogger/youtuber but I can't for the life of me remember who it was. I really need to write these things down! This oil has become a staple over winter as my skin has been extremely dry. I've been using this on it's own or mixed in with my night time moisturiser and both work really well. You can also use this as a body oil and I like to apply it to the areas I get eczema like the crease of my elbow for an extra bit of moisturising after I've had a bath. I do make sure I don't have any broken skin though when I use this as it says not to on the label.

This oil is also really good at healing spots so when I feel or see one appearing then I just put a dab of this on it. It doesn't magically make spots disappear but it does help to heal the skin so they don't leave a scar. £16.50 for 20ml or £28.50 for 45ml.

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  1. The packaging is gorgeous! I can only imagine what the products are like, but they sound wonderful.

  2. I want to invest in the Rosehip Oil. I've heard only positive things and I have such dry skin this time of year that it would see some good use. I have also heard it's good for scarring, which is interesting... I first heard about this from Kate of Gh0stparties, maybe that was the same for you? xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin' | YouTube

  3. Gorgeous packaging! I really need to up my skincare game - these look great.

    Emily | PENNY RUGBURN 

  4. I love Trilogy too, their packaging excites me (not kidding). Its so luxurious but understated. I have tried their rosehip oil and their night cream & been very impressed. I want to try their Very Gentle Calming Fluid next

  5. I've always wanted to try Trilogy products, particularly their Rosehip Oil.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. I used Trilogy's Cream Cleanser up last week and I miss it so horribly. I loved using it especially in the mornings. :((((( Might have to get another one soon.


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