2013 Favourites // Nails

For this years favourite beauty products I've tried to pick out products I've tried, bought and fell in love with this year. I'm still loving every single product that I had in last years favourites but haven't included any this year so I'm duplicating things.
Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat // I feel like this year was all about trying to find the perfect base coat and I've found two. This base coat applies like a dream and has a matte finish so it means nail polish applies better on top of it.

CND Stickey Base Coat // Again using this base coat means the polish you apply on top just goes on smoother and I find I need to use less coats of the coloured polish.

Essie Maximillian Strasse Her // These two Essie polishes are another two bargains from Fragrance Direct although they have now upped their price to £2.50. I love murky nail polish colours and this has to be my favourite. You can see my NOTD here.

Essie Go Ginza // If you look through my nail polish collection the one colour that I have the most of is this light pink-lilac. I find it suits my skin tone really well and is still colour on your nails but nothing too in your face. Go Ginza applies like a dream and is opaque in two coats. You can see my NOTD here.

Red Carpet Manicure At Home Gel Manicure System & Red Carpet Reddy // This is only a recent favourite as I bought the RCM set in December but it's really impressed me in such a short amount of time I had to include it. No matter what I do, even using the two base coats I've mentioned, nail polish just doesn't seem to last longer than two days on me. I've tried a million base coats and top coats in all sorts of different combinations and nothing has worked. I usually get polish to last longer when I just use it on it's own without a base or top coat but even then it's not long.

I took the plunge and ordered the RMC set as it was on offer for a reduced price on Beauty Bay and after Anna raving about it. Using the RMC polish I can get between a week and two weeks out of the polish which is a miracle for me. It means I no longer have to paint my nails every other day and I don't have to sit around waiting for each layer to dry like you do with normal nail polish. I've yet to try sandwiching a normal nail polish colour between the gel base and top coats but for now I'm loving having a colour on my nails and not having to worry about it chipping.

I'll be posting about my make-up favourites tomorrow!

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  1. The Essie color was absolutely beautiful
    Happy New Year xx

  2. CND has so many helpful nail products. I love this top coat and their oil for my nails. I recently forgot that I had this in my nail box and now I feel like painting my nails! This year, I really want to take more care of nails! I haven't really heard of that base coat, so I'll look more into it =]
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr


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