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2014 Favourites


December 2014 Favourites

Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Sinus Relief Bath Salts | £8.95 // I've had a horrible cold this month and these bath salts have been a life saver. The scent is very strong so it really helps to clear blocked noses and allows you to breathe properly especially if there's a bit of steam in the air from the bath. Kneipp is a brand I haven't heard too much about but I've really loved the couple of products I've tried so far and I've got all the other variations of the bath salts on my to buy list.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara | £19.50 // I've heard a lot of people raving about this mascara but I never thought I'd get a chance to buy it, Tarte isn't that easy to get a hold of in the UK, but luckily a mini tube was included in a beauty box. I was surprised that the packaging is completely plastic as I imagined from seeing it in videos and photos that it would be made out of fabric, at least the outside. This mascara is as good as everyone says it is an…

NOTD // Essie Cute As A Button

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat Essie Cute As A Button// two coats CND Speedey Top Coat
Cute As A Button has been on my nail polish wish list for a really long time but I'm not really sure why I never ended up buying it. Luckily for me I got a mini bottle in my November My Little Box. Although this is definitely more of a summer shade, I've been wearing it a lot recently and it's added a nice bit of colour to my otherwise fully black work outfit. I haven't worn an Essie polish for a while so I'd forgotten how much I love the wide brush as it makes applying so much easier. Only a swipe or two are needed for each nail and it does make application neater and quicker. I can see myself having to buy the full size bottle in the summer if I carry on using it as much as a I have been.

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Project Sample Use Up 026

Caudalie Vine Body Butter //Like the Rituals body cream, I really liked this body butter but have others I need to finish first.

Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream //  There was a surprising amount of body cream in this sachet and I was able to spread it out to two uses. It smells amazing and kept my skin hydrated. I have a million and one other body lotions to go through first so I don’t need to buy any more soon. I will keep this in mind though for when I do need to buy a new one.

Skin Pep Brightening Enzyme & Acid Peel x2 //  I have very sensitive skin so although I have started to use a very mild acid exfoliator, this was a bit too strong for my skin.

Skin Pep Dark Circle Eraser Growth Factor Eye Cream // Fortunately for me I don’t suffer with bad dark circles, nothing a good night’s sleep won’t cure anyway, so I don’t feel like I was able to use this properly and see any differences.

Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask // I'm not even sure where you can buy G…

Skin Care Diary // December 2014

Through out each month I'll be keeping a skin care diary and jotting down what I use on an every day basis. At the end of the month I'll tally up what has been used the most and share the products with you. I have combination skin that can change between being extremely dry, spot prone, oily and sensitive as well as having eczema flare ups. 

Liz Earle Eye Bright // Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm // Melvita Rose Water Spray // A-Derma Epitheliale A.H Cream // JorgObe White Tea Balancing Cream*.
Carrying on from where I left off with last month, the start of December was absolutely horrible skin care wise. The eczema on my face was even worse and so irritated that nothing I had at home was able to calm it down. I had to completely stop with my skin care and all I was able to do was use a cold damp muslin cloth and another A-derma cream, not pictured. I ended up booking an appointment at my doctors to see if they could help which I am so glad I was able to cancel. For some un…

NOTD // OPI Meep Meep Meep

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat OPI Meep Meep Meep // three coats CND Speedey Top Coat
Despite needing three coats to become opaque, I just love this shade and since it came out around Christmas time it always reminds me of the holiday season. Meep Meep Meep was part of the 2011 Muppets holiday collection. It's a bright red-fuchsia that has small flakie shimmer running through it which makes it look a brighter pink in some lights. I always put a base coat underneath colours like this as they tend to stain my nails and there's nothing worse than yellow looking nails when you don't want to wear a nail polish. Removal is easy and isn't like a normal glitter nail polish.

Animal-istic | Designer De Better | Divine Swine | Excuse Moi | Fresh Frog of Bel Air | Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It | Gone Gonzo | Meep-Meep-Meep | Pepe’s Purple Passion | Rainbow Connection | Warm & Fozzie | Wocka Wocka!
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Shopping // The Last Of Lush Christmas

Granny Takes A Dip // Butterbear // Hot Toddy Shower Gel // Holly Golightly // Cinders // Father Christmas // So White // So White Shower Gel.
At the start of the month I shared the Lush Christmas products I bought this year and I may or may not have ordered some more. Someone please stop me from going back onto the Lush website!! Seriously though, there is nothing better than getting into a fancy bath with a good book to simply relax after either a long day at work or when I'm feeling particularly stressed or panicky.

As I do every year, I just had to add So White, Cinder and Father Christmas to my order. These three scents just scream out Christmas to me and I'm excited to be able to use So White Shower Gel along side the same apple scented bath bomb.

As they're quite small, I ordered two Butterbears and used one the night I got my order. It's the same as Butterball but in a cute bear shape. I prefer these smaller sized bath bombs, like cinders as well. as I often fi…

Mini Reviews 027 // The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee

For this set because I knew I would like the scent but wouldn’t love it, I went for a gift set where I got the full size shower gel and body scrub but only a mini tub of the body butter. I didn’t want the bath jelly as I did with the other two Christmas scents as I knew I wouldn’t use it. It’s a very sickly sweet vanilla scent which is nice in small doses. This set was only a couple of pounds thanks to a half price discount code.

Vanilla Brulee Body Polish | £10 // Unfortunately this is one of TBS's poorer body scrubs as it hardly feels like it's exfoliating the skin and feels more like a shower gel. It feels incredibly moisturising and starts off almost feeling like a balm before it lathers up. I can larger exfoliating particles in the tube but these did nothing once on my skin. I'm glad I only have the mini tube of this and I say it's definitely one to miss.

Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel | £4 // This shower gel reminds me of the coconut shower gel I have from TBS. It has …

NOTD // Look Beauty Sequin Effect

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // one coat Look Beauty Sequin Effect // one coat CND Speedey Top Coat
So Look Beautys Sequin Effect is the first nail polish I'm sharing that is a pretty good dupe for Gosh Rainbow. Unfortunately it looks like it isn't available any more which is a shame as it was pretty cheap. The flakies in this version are more yellow and green toned even in different light where as the Gosh version is mostly orange toned which you can see in the NOTD I posted the other day. Up next is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, my favourite and probably the closest dupe out of them all.

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Beauty Box // Birchbox December 2014

Ilcsi Organics Rose Petal Gel Mask | £39.95 // I haven't heard of this brand or product before so I'm excited to test it out. Out of the three masks on offer I'm glad I got the rose version as it seems like the one most suited to my skin type although any of them would have worked. Targeted to keep skin hydrated, this once a week mask says it will also help to shrink pores and brighten your skin. It looks like there's only one or two uses in the small pot but it sounds intriguing.

Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo | £17.50 // I haven't heard of this brand before but I'm always interested in trying new shampoos especially those that are meant to be hydrating.

Miracle Skin Transformer Hydro-Active Microderm | £25 // Winter is the only time I really use a manual exfoliator, throughout the rest of the year I find a muslin cloth or flannel along with an acid toner is all I need, so this mini tube has come in quite handy. I am usually able to get by with only using these s…

Mini Reviews 028 // The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry

Frosted Cranberry Body Polish | £10 // This body polish is very much like the Glazed Apple one I reviewed the other week. It's not the most abrasive body scrub there is but it's not completely rubbish either. It's not going to remove stubborn fake tan but is going to do a good enough job at removing dry patches and keeping skin smooth and soft. The frosted cranberry scent is lovely as well, it's a fruity fragrance and one that could be used all year round.

Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel | £4 // Again this has the standard TBS shower gel formula that doesn't dry my skin out and is perfect to use as a bubble bath. Using a shower lily means a little product goes a long way and the scent lasts on the skin.

Frosted Cranberry  Bath Jelly | £10 // Despite already trying the Glazed Apple version, I am still impressed with this jelly formula and I hope they use one of their original scents so I can still buy it after Christmas. A small scoop of the bath jelly creates a huge amo…

NOTD // Rococo Gold Leaf (over black)

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // one coat Rococo Gold Leaf// two coats CND Speedey Top Coat
When I was writing my winter nail polish post I couldn't believe the price of this nail polish. I got it for Christmas two years ago and at that time it was £25. It's a lot of money for a nail polish but I really wanted it but never would have bought it myself and as a gift it didn't seem so bad. The price has gone up to £35 which is just crazy. Had it been that price back then I don't think I would have asked for it and I've only actually used it a couple of times.

It looks amazing in the bottle but I find it can look a little bit messy once on the nails. Maybe I just need more patience but when applying it I find there is too much clear polish and maybe one or two pieces of gold leaf. I sort of have to place the gold leaf onto my nail instead of simply brushing it on. It looks amazing over black but I'm next going to try over a hot pink and mint gree…

Beauty Box // My Little Box By Fleur De Force

Once again My Little Box pulls it out of the bag with another great box. Each month the contents of the box always impresses me and I'm starting to think why I ever subscribed to others and how come MLB has only just come to the UK.

Inside the little drawstring beauty bag is L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream, My Little Box Lipstick and Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion. The lipstick, despite looking incredibly bright in the bullet, it's actually quite a sheer moisturising lipstick and lip balm hybrid. I was hoping it would be as bright as it looks but also quite pleased that it's sheer as I'll be able to wear it more often. I haven't really tried any skin care products from L'Occitane before but my mum has and she's liked what she's tried. I'll be saving this cute little blue jar for when I run out of my current moisturiser.

You can tell this months box is all about the holidays and Christmas. There's black and white twine for wr…

NOTD // Barielle Elle's Spell

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat Barielle Elle's Spell// four coats CND Speedey Top Coat

I found this nail polish in a set of five in TKMaxx and bought the set despite not liking any of the other polishes but because I really wanted this one and I hadn't seen it before. It's a red toned flakie which is pretty unique as they tend to come in a clear-ish base. This nail polish completely changes depending on the base colour you use. The first photo is four coats of it on it's own and then the second two are layered on top of black. It also looks good on top of a red which means you can get away with using less coats.

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Brand Overview // JorgObé

JorgObé was an unheard of brand to me before these three skin care products arrived in the post. It's a Danish brand that has just recently launched in the UK. There is something quite familiar about the two face masks and I feel like I've seen them on someone's blog before but I have no idea whose and it would have been a year or two ago. I originally thought it might have been on Esteé's blog since she's a fan of all things Scandinavian but after a quick search of her blog I couldn't find anything.

I like it when brands only have one or two products per category as I feel like they're able to focus solely on creating an amazing product. Liz Earle is another good example, they only sell one cleanser and it is one of my favourites. Now lets move onto the packaging, I couldn't have designed it better myself. I feel like if I was creating a skin care line this is what I'd go for as well. Simple and to the point but well made. The packaging isn't …

NOTD // W7 Salt N Pepper

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat W7 Salt N Pepper// three coats CND Speedey Top Coat

I'd completely forgotten about this nail polish but after having a bit of a sort out of my collection I came across it and decided to wear it again. I don't know what it is about this polish but I just love it. I'm not normally a fan of glitter nail polishes but these types of ones I love. It almost looks like nail art but next to no effort. I love polka dot nail art and this is a similar look.These W7 polishes are a much cheaper version of the Nails Inc sprinkles. You do need three coats but with a good topcoat that dries quickly it isn't too much of a pain. 

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Beauty Box // Glossybox December 2014*

I love the box design but the contacts of this months Glossybox was a little disappointing. I don't see a Christmas/holiday theme at all. Where's the glittery nail polish? Or a chocolate coin? I don't know, just something that's a bit more festive than a spot treatment and a concealer.

So Susan Concealer Quad | £20 // I haven't liked any of the So Susan products that have been included in previous beauty boxes and this one isn't any different. I just feel like they're cheaply made products that are actually quite expensive. There isn't a single shade in this quad that I could use and even mixed together they just don't work very well.

SkinPep Hydra Boost Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum | £24.99 // This is probably the one product that I'm excited about. It sounds similar to Indeed Labs Hydraluron so I have high hopes for it!

TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Treatment Shot | £5.50 // I've tried the shampoo and conditioner from this range and I real…

NOTD // Gosh Rainbow

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat Avon Licorice // one coat
Gosh Rainbow // one coat CND Speedey Top Coat
When I started blogging back in 2009 this was one of the most hyped about nail polishes along with Gosh Holographic which I also own. I managed to get both on blog sales, why they were being sold for such cheap prices in the first place I have no idea but I’m so glad I have them. Over the years I have managed to find very close dupes to Rainbow but nothing beats the original. I’ll be sharing these on the blog over the next month or so if anyone is interested.

Rainbow is a layering polish and although it looks good with other colours, both light and dark, it looks amazing over black.  It’s one of those polishes that looks so much better than any photograph will show and I’ve done my best. Depending on the light, it changes between red, orange, gold and green which is down to the flakie glitter. It’s also pretty easy to remove unlike traditional glitters. I really need to start we…

Mini Reviews 026 // The Body Shop Glazed Apple

Glazed Apple Body Polish | £10 // If you've read my previous The Body Shop Body Scrub reviews then you'll know I have pretty mixed feelings about them. Some are amazing and work really well while others don't make a difference to your skin at all. This Glazed Apple one is sort of between the two. The scrub particles are quite small so I find I have to use a bit more product than normal. It's one of those that you could use on a daily basis and it wouldn't irritate your skin as it's a gentle scrub. I prefer ones that I only use once a week and they're quite abrasive, this isn't one of them. I'll use it and enjoy it but I wouldn't rush out and buy another bottle.

Glazed Apple Shower Gel | £4 // This has the standard The Body Shop shower gel formula but with the amazing Glazed Apple scent. It's a fresh apple scent but with a hint of sweetness to it. It cleanses the skin nicely without stripping any moisture and lathers up well especially if you …

NOTD // Look Beauty Pearl Effect

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat Avon Licorice// one coat
Look Beauty Pearl Effect // two coats CND Speedey Top Coat
Unlike normal nail polishes, this seems to have gotten thinner the longer I have it so I needed two coats for the blue flakie to shower up. My photo doesn't really do this polish justice especially with the horrible winter light, or lack of light I should say. It really works best over a black polish but also looks nice and more subtle over a pastel blue or purple if you don't want to wear such a dark colour. I had a quick look on the Superdrug website and could only find one Look Beauty nail polish so I'm not even sure if you can buy this anymore.

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Week In Photos 209

First CD bought in about ten years // To read // And currently reading // These are helping my eczema go away // 2015 diary has arrived along with a few other bits // Cat is obsessed with his new toy.

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Project Sample Use Up 025

Kerastase Homme Daily Treatment Shampoo // Despite this being a shampoo for men, who says I can't use it? It worked just as well as your standard shampoo but I wouldn't buy the full size as I'm liking what I'm using at the moment.

Laura Mercier Vanilla Amber Body Creme // This scent started to become a little bit too sickly sweet the longer I used it so I think if I was to buy this cream again I'd go for a different scent. I hoping another LM set will go into the Space Nk sale like it did last year!

OPI Nail Polish in Don't Know Beets Me // This is your standard pink creme polish that I used on my toes a lot last summer. No matter how much nail polish thinner I used I just couldn't get it to go back to how it's meant to be so it's time to throw it away. I think I've had it for like six years or something so it's about time!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream x2 // I really don't get the hype surrounding this product and didn't think …

NOTD // Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Mustard

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Mustard * // two coats CND Speedey Top Coat
This nail polish has been on my wishlist ever since Lydia posted about it on her blog. It just screams autumn and winter and hasn't left my nails since I got it. I don't know if it particularly suits my pale skin tone but it's one of those polishes that I don't really mind and I'll wear it anyway. The gelly formula is one of my favourites and this one isn't any different. It's a bit on the thicker side than a normal polish but I find this makes it a bit easier to apply and get a neat edge around my cuticles. The thicker opaque formula means if you apply it carefully you can get away with only one coat but I always prefer to apply two as I find it lasts better on my nails this way. This is also one of those polishes that you can totally skip a top coat if nail polish doesn't chip easily on you as it's so glossy and shiny on its own.

I want to buy…

Winter 2014 Nail Polishes

Avon Licorice* // Gosh Rainbow // Rococo Gold Leaf // Barry M Mustard* // OPI Meep Meep Meep // Barielle Elle's Spell // Look Beauty Pearl Effect.
I can’t believe I’m already writing this post and just the other day I was going through my nail polish collection to pick out my favourite winter nail polishes. It feels like just the other day I was doing the exact same thing for my Autumn picks and I can’t believe it is Christmas in a matter of weeks.

For this years Winter nail polishes I seem to have stuck with two colour themes and despite loving and using these a lot, for some reason I haven’t blogged about them yet. Unlike my Autumn favourites, there isn’t a particular brand I’ve been loving, instead it’s more the colours. I’ll be updating with links as and when I post a NOTD so if you’re interested in how a particular polish looks then keep checking back.

How could I write about my current favourite nail polishes without talking about Avon Licorice. If you’ve been following my…

Shopping // Lush Christmas 2014

Lord Of Misrule // Dashing Santa // Wizard // The Christmas Penguin // Drummers Drumming // The Christmas Hedgehog // Star Light, Star Bright // Snow Angel // Sparkly Pumpkin // Luxury Lush Pud // Christmas Eve // Shoot For The Stars // Golden Wonder.
I thought I probably wouldn't buy anything from Lush's Christmas collection this year as I still had a couple of products from Easter and other limited edition collection. Then I watched Zoe's video and saw that the majority of the products are new or I hadn't tried before and I couldn't resist making an order or two.

The only product I bought that I'd already tried was Christmas Eve bubble bar as I just love the floral scent and it's become a bit of a tradition to use each year on Christmas Eve. Glitter is a definite theme of this years products and if you don't like it then skip out on Star Light, Star Bright, a bath melt which is covered in silver glitter. Snow Angel, Sparkly Pumpkin, Golden Wonder and…

NOTD // China Glaze CG In The City

Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // two coats China Glaze CG In The City // one coat CND Speedey Top Coat
Although the name of this nail polish is obviously a spin on Sex In The City but for some reason when I see this I always think of Gossip Girl, no idea why. This is a bit of an odd polish and I'm not sure I like it. It was one that I bought online as it was on sale without even looking a google images to see what it would be like on the nails. It's one of those polishes that is too sheer and takes too many coats to become opaque but it's not really a glitter to layer over another polish. It's very similar to China Glaze Skyscraper which I also have the same problem with, both actually from the same Metro collection. CG In The City is packed full of small silver, lavender, copper and black square shaped glitter suspended in a clear base although you have to look at it very closely to see the different colours. I like how it looks over black but I ju…

November 2014 Favourites

Thierry Mugler Alien Extraordinaire | £49.50 - £67.50 // I have the original Alien perfume from Thierry Mugler but I much prefer the Extraordinaire version. They both have similar notes but this version doesn't contain notes of jasmine and is a bit lighter smelling. Despite being an eau de toilette I find this lasts better than some eau de parfums do. I can still smell in on myself after an eight hour shit at work. I also like that you can buy a refill bottle which works out cheaper once you have a empty bottle.

The last two weeks of this month have been quite rough skin wise as my eczema flared up quite badly especially my hands and face. I have no idea what has caused it but everything seems to be irritating my face, it seems like even the air is causing my skin to react and don't get me started on whispy bits of hair. This weekend I've had to practically scrap back my hair to try and stop my skin from being so irritated. I've also had really bad flare ups around my …