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Balance Me Radiance Face Oil - This face oil has become a staple in helping to heal spots quickly without drying my skin out. This is all thanks to Fee who blogged about it and got me to start using it. It's also great as a normal face oil, it's extremely hydrating and leaves the skin looking nicely dewy. It's 100% natural origin so there's no nasties in it. The rollerball isn't the best packaging so I'm going to get the bottle next time but it is nice for trying it out first. £15 for 10ml rollerball and £30 for 30ml.

Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil - When I bought the Nude Cleansing Oil there was an offer to get a small bottle of the ProGenius Oil for free. This was an offer I could not resist as it had been on my wish list for a long time and the full size is expensive. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I have completely fallen in love with this oil. The majority of the time I've been using a couple of drops mixed in with my moisturiser of choice as I find this is the best way for it to sink in. A couple months back when my eczema flared up on my face and my skin was extremely dry and flaky this oil was the only thing that helped. I still have a lot left as you only need one or two drops so I haven't quite got round to the idea of spending £58 on the full size.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye - I was given this mini tub of eye cream as a sample when I bought the Advanced Night Repair. For a start I really don't like the smell of this, it smells like it's full of alcohol. I liked that it has more of a gel texture as I get on with gel eye creams better, I don't like anything too heavy and thick. It's been nice to use but I couldn't justify £38 for only 15ml when I haven't fallen in love with it. Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream on the other hand, I would pay the price for.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo In Pink Gold - I was pretty late jumping on the Maybelline Colour Tattoo bandwagon and I'm not really sure why it took me this long as I love cream shadows and use them on a daily basis. I'm so glad I did as they've become some of my favourites. This pink shade is a bit unusual for me as I'm not a huge fan of coloured eyeshadow even if it is only pink. This shade, as the name suggests, has a hint of gold to it and it's the perfect base for a more neutral shadow like Urban Decay Sin or Virgin. The formula is great too, it doesn't crease even without a primer underneath. Since buying this one I've bought several more of the neutral shades which I've already blogged about. £4.99 each.


  1. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo is gorgeous and it's a shame the estee lauder wasn't a complete gem but I couldn't justify the price either

  2. I usually doesn't like colored eyeshadows on my lids too, but that pink gold Color Tattoo looks pretty attractive even to me! Seems the right compromise between my comfort zone and colors. Also I now need that Nude Oil, it sounds like the best thing for my dry skin right now, but I'm a bit scared of the price...


  3. I've loved the sound of that Balance Me oil since Miss Hirons spoke about it a few months back, definitely need to give it a go now! xxx


  4. I tried the Estée Lauder eye cream too and I really didn't rate it!


  5. I love Maybelline tattoos but wish they stay longer on my eyes.


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