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For some reason I've been having a hard time blogging this past month or two. It's not that I can't think of what to post, I've got a huge list of ideas and posts in my draft folder. Instead I just can't seem to find the time. When I get home from work all I want to do is wrap up in my duvet and read a good book or catch up on tv. Not sit at my desk working on my laptop. The light has also been horrible in the mornings the past couple of weeks which is when I'm able to take photos before work. Here's to hoping I'm able to get back into blogging properly this weekend!

In better news I'm getting a new bed! I've had my, now old, bed for about eight years and the mattress has completely worn away so the past month or so it feels like I've been sleeping on bare springs. This morning was spent moving out the old frame and creating a space for a brand spanking new double bed. My old bed was a single and I cannot wait to be able to stretch out a bit more. It also means my monster of a cat cannot take up the whole bed when he decides to sleep on it!

How is it going to be December 1st on Sunday?! This years has flown by but I cannot wait to get our Christmas tree and decorate the house.

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  1. So excited for Christmas too! I have the same motivation/lighting problems with blogging, I get home from work at 6 and it's pitch black so I have to take all photos on the weekend and I have so many other bits and pieces to get done that blogging seems to take a back seat sometimes. Don't worry about it though, you'll push on through it- not that there's any rush, your followers (myself included) aren't going anywhere xxx


  2. I was in the same boat as you last year; it got so bad, I completely shut down my blog and took a hiatus—I only started blogging again a few weeks ago. :-P

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your unbelievably pretty pics :D

  4. Hey, nice photos! I like the firt one the most, it has so autumnal atmosphere :)



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