The Happiness List 001

the happiness list 001 rottenotter rotten otter blog

A list of 10 things that make me happy:

  1. hearing my friend has had her baby and it's a girl!
  2. and then buying the cutest little shoes
  3. unexpected parcels in the post
  4. getting shout outs on twitter from lovely bloggers, especially when I'm not feeling well!
  5. finding another cute mug to add to my growing collection
  6. autumn lipstick colours: Mac Plumful mainly
  7. passing a level on Candy Crush that I've been stuck on for ages
  8. listening to monsoon rain while tucked up in bed
  9. hearing your favourite song come on shuffle
  10. having a tidy room and no clothes on the floor

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  1. This is a great idea! We often forget the small things that make up happy.
    I found out my lovely friend is expecting twin boys & I am excited to buy some lovely baby clothes for her. Loving the shoes you've bought they are adorable!

  2. this is the nicest idea for a blog post. i'd love to see more!


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