No Sunday pamper day for me

no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 Instead I've been cleaning like a mad woman and cooking all my meals for the week. If you turn the clock back to 11am this morning, you literally could not see the wooden floor in my room. The majority of my clothes somehow managed to escape my wardrobe and land all over the floor. I blame this crazy hot weather we've had over the weekend and not knowing what to wear. Seriously, where had this Autumn weather gone?! I was just starting to enjoy it and have pulled out all my tights and jumpers. Everything else just needed a tidy! Hopefully with everything now clean and dust free I can get on with some of the DIY projects I've been dreaming about.

For the last month or so I've spent Sundays in the kitchen cooking up meals to go in the freezer for nights when I get home from work and am not sure what to have for dinner. I finish work at 8pm so there's just no way I'm going to then spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. I just want to eat, change into my pj's and relax before bed. Inspired by Gemma I've also been making a batch of food on a Sunday that is healthy but something that I can just heat up and eat in about 15 minutes for the rest of the week. I love cooking but since starting this job and not having normal 9-5 working hours, I've started to find it so boring and tedious. I'm pleased to say, my love for it has since returned and it's all down to making everything on one day.

The menu for this week is falafels with salad and lentil and butternut squash bake, both from Honestly Healthy. I also made the most amazing pizza for tea tonight and I have enough leftovers for another day. You probably wouldn't believe it unless you saw me making it, but the pizza base is made up of cauliflower. What amazed me the most is that you can pick it up and eat it like a normal pizza! This is one recipe I know I'll be making over and over again. Recipe found here.

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  1. That pizza looks amazing! I'm glad your love of cooking has returned - what a good idea! x

  2. I love your chair! and that pizza looks delicious! I'll have to try a cauliflower base!

  3. Your room looks amazing! Such a creative space.
    I love spending the day cooking & preparing food for the week ahead. I like having meals prepared, its so less stressful when you get in & can just pop something in the oven & not think about preparing it from scratch


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