30 September 2013

Project Use Everything Up

micellar water Last night while on twitter I announced that I was going to go on a spending ban of sorts. I'm not going to stop myself from buying things completely as I know that just will not work. Anyone remember the 100 day spending ban I did at the start of the year? yeah, that didn't go so well.

Instead I'm doing a Project Use Everything Up in which I will only buy a product if I have completely used up all the back ups/variations. For example once I don't have any micellar water left, then I can buy a new bottle and the same with cleansers etc. This was all spurred on by finding a couple of products that have gone off and are no longer usable. I hate to think I've wasted my money by letting a product just sit in my stash not being used and eventually turning bad.

I probably wont be updating too much on this little project of mine as I already do monthly empties posts but I'm sure I'll mention it again at some point.

Anyone else on a spending ban or a use up project?

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29 September 2013

Sunday Pamper 007

Sunday pamper 007 rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 Sunday pamper 007 rottenotter rotten otter blog 2
My pamper evening has just started so I thought I'd share the products I'm using while my scalp treatment is doing it's job. Despite photographing the Philip Kingsley Toner I decided to use the Mocorrcanoil Dry Scalp Treatment as my scalp was dry rather than itchy.

Skin care wise I'm sticking with my normal routine but adding a couple of masks into the mix. Firstly the Una Brennan pre-cleanse oil which I have fallen in love with to help with the horrible dry patches I have at the moment. You apply this before your cleanser and although it does leave an oily residue behind, this goes away once you cleanse. I like to follow up with a moisturising cleanser, in this case it'll be balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm as this leaves behind a residue, but in a good way. The tiny oat particles also help to get rid of dry patches without irritating my sensitive skin.

I wont be using the Origins No Puffery Mask tonight. Instead I'll be saving this for tomorrow morning when the work alarm goes off too early and my eyes are feeling very puffy. Simply leave this on for ten minutes and they're gone. This is also perfect for hay fever sufferers! The two masks I'm using tonight are Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque for moisture and Origins Clear Improvements for stubborn spots. Also how cute is the Origins mask, I do love mini versions of products!

Following on with the normal skin care routine I'll be using balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist, balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Origins Mega Mushroom Serum and Moisturiser.

Jenny included the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush trio in her Sunday Pamper post so I felt like using them as well. I have my bath & shower products on rotation so I haven't used these for a long time. To me it smells like coke and lime and always makes me crave a glass of it. To add to the mix of scents I'm going to try The Body Shop Banana Conditioner for the first time. I'll report back on how it works and smells!

I haven't painted my nails for about a month now because the eczema on my hands has been quite bad. I'm fed up of bare nails so I'm going to paint them tonight. On the toes I'm going to use OPI Do You Think I'm Texy? and on the hands OPI Got A Date To-knight. To counteract the nail polish I'll be slathering on a layer of CND Solar Oil around my cuticles and All For Eve Eve's Balm on my hands.

Todays pamper playlist: The XX

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22 September 2013

No Sunday pamper day for me

no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 no sunday pamper day for me rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 Instead I've been cleaning like a mad woman and cooking all my meals for the week. If you turn the clock back to 11am this morning, you literally could not see the wooden floor in my room. The majority of my clothes somehow managed to escape my wardrobe and land all over the floor. I blame this crazy hot weather we've had over the weekend and not knowing what to wear. Seriously, where had this Autumn weather gone?! I was just starting to enjoy it and have pulled out all my tights and jumpers. Everything else just needed a tidy! Hopefully with everything now clean and dust free I can get on with some of the DIY projects I've been dreaming about.

For the last month or so I've spent Sundays in the kitchen cooking up meals to go in the freezer for nights when I get home from work and am not sure what to have for dinner. I finish work at 8pm so there's just no way I'm going to then spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. I just want to eat, change into my pj's and relax before bed. Inspired by Gemma I've also been making a batch of food on a Sunday that is healthy but something that I can just heat up and eat in about 15 minutes for the rest of the week. I love cooking but since starting this job and not having normal 9-5 working hours, I've started to find it so boring and tedious. I'm pleased to say, my love for it has since returned and it's all down to making everything on one day.

The menu for this week is falafels with salad and lentil and butternut squash bake, both from Honestly Healthy. I also made the most amazing pizza for tea tonight and I have enough leftovers for another day. You probably wouldn't believe it unless you saw me making it, but the pizza base is made up of cauliflower. What amazed me the most is that you can pick it up and eat it like a normal pizza! This is one recipe I know I'll be making over and over again. Recipe found here.

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21 September 2013

Week In Photos 157

week in photos 157 rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 week in photos 157 rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 week in photos 157 rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 week in photos 157 rottenotter rotten otter blog 4 week in photos 157 rottenotter rotten otter blog 5
Lavender plant is growing and has started to smell of lavender! // Stag head found in Asda of all places // New coat and blouse // cat is feeling sorry for himself, he's just been in a fight // Colour co-ordinated Anthropologie purchases. 

I've decided to start posting my Week In Photos on a Saturday so I can do a weekly Sunday Pamper post. I've been having a bit of bloggers block these past couple of weeks and feeling like I haven't got anything to write about. I'm hoping with these two posts planned for the weekend it means I'll at least have some content going up on the blog even if I don't manage to write anything else. The last few days in work I've been doing a bit of brainstorming when it's quiet and am hopefully going to start a couple of new series which should kick things off again.

I also want to buy a new camera, which I mentioned in my last Week In Photos, so I'm able to take my camera out with me more. It's a lot to take my DLSR with me on a daily basis but it also means I miss out on memories and taking photos. Like the other week me and my parents had a little family day out when we all had time off work and I would have loved to have taken some photos but I didn't.

Again any recommendations for cameras are welcome. I've been looking into compact system cameras instead of digital, preferably Nikon.

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18 September 2013

Beauty Box: Birchbox September 2013

Since I've been getting Birchbox and Glossybox each month, there's always one that's better than the other. This month it happens to be Birchbox! There was also a tiny bar of Green & Blacks white chocolate but that was eaten by my mum pretty much as soon as the box arrived.

Reverence De Bastien Nail Polish - I'm so glad I got this gorgeous navy polish as it's my favourite colour to wear in the winter. I wish it had a name though and not just a number!

Bioderma Micelle Solution - How cute is this bottle! Another one of my favourites and the bottle will be perfect for travel as you can top it up. I've just stated a new bottle of Bioderma after a few months without it and I forgot how good it was!

ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty - On the packaging this is described as a matte lipstick but it really isn't. You can see the shimmer in the bullet and it goes on very creamy. This doesn't disappoint me though as I prefer creamier lipsticks, they don't dry your lips out as much. I really like this natural every day shade as well.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel - I'm so glad I got the scent Revive as I have a tiny bottle of the bath oil in the same scent so I can use them together. I hate applying body lotion and usually prefer gels so I'm excited to give this a go.

Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Lotion - Although I wish they hadn't included two body moisturisers, this has been included in this months box as it matches the shower gel from August. I mentioned in my last Project Sample Use Up post that I liked the scent enough to use the shower gel but I don't like it enough to use the body lotion. This will be kept for a future giveaway.

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16 September 2013

Week In Photos 149 - 156

week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 10 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 9 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 8 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 7 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 6 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 5 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 4 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 2 week in photos 149 156 rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 Sneak peek at newly painted wall // Temporary skin care storage // Passion Fruit are growing! // Finally chose a colour for the drawers. Obvious choice // New decorations in my room // Keeping a skin care diary // Cooking food for the week // Courgette as spaghetti // Ikea plants // New art for the wall.

Eeeek I haven't done a Week In Photos post since July!! How has time gone so quickly?! I would have said it's only been a couple of weeks but really, two months! I just haven't been taking photos other than for blog posts. Since July I've had three weeks off from work and have done quite a lot of new things but I just haven't wanted to take my DSLR around with me.

I do have a small Nikon camera that's easy to put in my bag but the quality if horrible. Any recommendations for cameras?

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13 September 2013

Desk Necessities

Desk-beauty-drawer-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 1
Inspired by Anna's recent blog post on her beauty essentials for her desk, I thought I'd share my own. After a day of sitting at my desk, whether it's writing blog posts or catching up on TV, I always seem to accumulate a bunch of beauty products. To help keep my desk a bit less cluttered I pulled out an old acrylic drawer set from Muji which I used to use for bits of my make-up.

For lips I have the Advanced Therapy Lip Balm from Fresh, a more hydrating version of the original with a nice citrus scent. Weleda Skin Food is a multi purpose cream that I use when my skin is extremely dry, either on my face or body. I've decanted some into a mini tub as you only need a tiny amount and the full size is sitting in my bedside table. The Balance Me Radiance Face Oil is in here because of Fee as she raved about using this as a spot treatment. I decided to give it a try and it works really well, it helps to soothe spots without drying the skin out, instead it adds moisture. Although the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball is meant to be used before bed, I like to use it during the day as well just for relaxation. If I'm feeling stressed, a little bit of this on pulse points really helps. To keep my nails and cuticles in perfect condition I've included the OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go. The really handy brush means no mess and it smells really fresh, sort of like cucumbers.

Since taking this photo, the Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream has worked its way into my hand bag as it's such a lovely cream. It sinks in immediately and smells amazing and I couldn't not use it everyday especially while I'm at work. Instead I'm now using a L'Occitane Hand Cream while I'm at my desk. It doesn't look as pretty in the drawer or match the unintentional colour scheme but it works just the same.

I also like to put a few products in here that I'm trying to finish like the Next New York perfume. I still really like the scent but it doesn't last long enough to wear to work. Instead I'm able to use it as a top up perfume over the weekend.

I'm still yet to fill the bottom drawer but I'm sure products will start to creep in there over the next week or so. Do you have a beauty drawer for your desk? What are your necessities and what am I missing?

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10 September 2013

Project Sample Use Up 009

Clinqiue High Lengths Mascara - This was another one from the set and the only I'd already tried before. It has a really unusual plastic wand which you can see in my post about the set. I really loved it when it came out and I had the full size but I really didn't get on with this sample. First of all the formula was really wet and clumpy which I didn't remember the other one being like that. I left it for a bit in the hopes it would dry up slightly which did sort of help. I think the reason I didn't get on with it is because the handle is too near the wand since it's a mini version. I found this Benefit Bad Gal as well.

YSL Faux Cils Shocking Mascara - This has to be one of my favourite mascaras of all time. It just made my lashes look amazing without clumping. I've heard this dries up pretty quickly but luckily I didn't notice it with this little sample. I will be buying the full size at some point.

Noble Isle Willow Song Shower Gel - Although I liked the scent of this shower gel enough to use and enjoy using it, I didn't love it. I've tried other scents from the brand that I liked better so I wouldn't buy the full size.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - I've used Cetaphil cleanser in the past and wasn't really a fan so I actually used this as a hand soap. Although I've read that this has worked wonders for others, for me it feels like I'd get the same results if I just used water to wash my face. Needless to say, I wouldn't buy the full size again.

Oilatum Junior Bath Additive - The perks of working alongside Dermatologists means I get to try some samples. I suffer from eczema and have done since I was a little - it seems to run in our family. When I was little my parents used this sort of product, different brand, every time I had a bath as it really helped to soothe my skin. I haven't used this since but it's been nice to try it again. Does it help still? I can't really tell after only one use but it certainly felt nice on my skin. Once the oil hits the water it emulsifies and turns the water milky leaving it very moisturising. Although this is aimed at kids, you can still use it whatever age. I have a couple of other brands to try but I think I might buy a bottle of this just to keep handy for when my eczema is very bad especially since it's going to be winter soon.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm - I was amazed to see a sample of this on the Latest In Beauty site and added it to my order straight away. It's been on my to try list for such a long time! I got about four uses out of this 5ml pot with the help of a tiny spatula from another cleansing balm. It's actually a grey colour which was something to get used to when applying it but it made my skin feel amazing. Once I've finished the RMK Cleansing Balm I'll be buying the full size of this. I also have a cute tiny glass jar so I can depot other balms into it for travelling.

Seche Vite Top Coat - Although probably not very cost effective, I much prefer these mini bottles of Seche Vite as I was able to use it up quick enough that the polish didn't start to dry out. Although not my favourite top coat for longevity, it is the quickest drying which is more important for me as I tend to paint my nails before going to sleep. I do want to use up some more top coats but I know I'll order another bottle at some point.

Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Shower Gel - Again this was another one I liked the scent of enough to use but didn't love it. I'm not a huge fan of ylang-ylang. 

Nougat Tuberose & Jasmine Hand Cream - This was a nice moisturising hand cream and the perfect size to keep in my hand bag. If you apply too much it does leave a greasy feeling on your hands so I wont be buying the full size.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.1 Perfume x2 - Oh how I've missed having this perfume in my life! I've had the full size before but for some reason never bought another bottle when it ran out. It's not a scent I'd normally go for but for some reason I find it really soothing and relaxing. Italian bergamot, high-altitude lavender from France, Damask rose from Turkey and spicy patchouli from Indonesia. I'm going to have to treat myself to another bottle!

Valentino Valentina Perfume - I quite liked this scent, perhaps a bit too floral though so I wouldn't buy the full size.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume - This is one of the perfumes I've wanted to try for such a long time but I can never find it in the shops. When I first sprayed it, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not but it's definitely grown on me. I think I've have to try and get another sample of it to see if I wanted to buy the full size. The notes are rose, peach, amber, musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

Origins Dr Andrew Weil Mega-Bright Serum - I just love how much product you get in sachets from Origins. I tend to decant them into mini sample jars which means I can get a lot of uses out of it and the product doesn't dry up. Like all Origins products, this one smells amazing. It kind of reminds me of lemon sherbet! It does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky so not one that I'd use in the mornings. It leaves the skin feeling very soft though. I haven't been able to use it long enough to notice any major changes in the appearance of my skin.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream x2 - Despite being a huge fan of Origins, it's taken me a while to try this hyped up product. I'm not a huge fan of eye creams as I tend to get those bumps under my eyes if I'm not using the right cream. I don't really suffer from dark circles so this eye cream isn't really suited to me, perhaps why it's taken me so long to try it. Instead I suffer from puffy eyes so the No Puffery roll on would be better for me. I did enjoy using GinZing though and there was a lot of product in these two sachets.

Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume - Another perfume I need to buy the full size of!

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06 September 2013

NOTD: Essie Hip-Anema

Supplies used... 
CND Stickey Base Coat
Essie Hip-Anema // two coats
Nubar Diamont Top Coat

For some unknown reason, I have become a fan of red nail polish. Orange toned reds to be exact. I've never been a fan of red nail polish and it's the colour I have the least amount of polishes of. I think it's to do with how pale my skin tone is, it just makes the red stand out too much. With this new found red nail polish love, I'm sort of wanting to buy Chanel Holiday that everyone raves about.

While looking through my polishes, the only polish that stuck out was this one from Essie. It's another Fragrance Direct bargain but unfortunately isn't available for £1.99 anymore. This polish has an amazing formula. If you're careful with application you can get away with one coat but I always prefer to apply two as I find it lasts better.

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04 September 2013

Latest In Beauty 001

latest-in-beauty-summer-nails-box-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog essie nail polish stickers latest-in-beauty-luxury-samples-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog
I finally caved and ordered the Latest In Beauty Summer Nails Box after telling myself I didn't need it. My justification was that I needed a new Bourjois nail polish remover pot and as I was browsing the site I saw a sample of Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in the Luxury Samples section, a product I've wanted to try since everyone started raving about it. I wanted the luxury samples but didn't want to pay for delivery so I got it for free if I ordered the box.

Of course I couldn't not add the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, a gorgeous Revlon nail polish and a couple of other products to my basket.

The contents of the summer nails box include: L'Occitane Hand Cream, Butter London Nude Polish, Essie Sleek Stickers, Nails Inc Notting Hill & Kensington Caviar Top Coat, Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Nail File and Rituals Nail Varnish Corrector Pen.

Although the nails box is not available anymore, there's still a lot of other boxes to choose from. Latest In Beauty is still my favourite beauty box company and has been for years as you can see what's in the box before you order it. Also you can create your own box with the luxury samples. The only downside if the popular products, like the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, don't last long on the site and sell out quickly. It's one of the sites I check every other day.

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