Trilogy Sensitive Skin Very Gentle Calming Fluid

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A few months back I bought the Mario Badescu Control Cream for the stubborn patches of eczema on my face and it worked miracles. Fast forward to today and this holy grail cream is out of stock everywhere. There are rumours it's been discontinued and others that it's being reformulated. Beauty Bay said they'd get it back in stock in a couple of weeks but that was two months ago. After being used pretty much everyday my little tub is nearing being empty so I began a search to find a replacement until control cream is back in stock.

I haven't found a product that comes anywhere near to how good control cream is but this one by Trilogy is helping my eczema. It's the Sensitive Skin Very Gentle Calming Fluid. I haven't tried anything from Trilogy before and hadn't even heard of this product. I discovered it while adding the Trilogy Rosehip Oil to my Escentual basket and thought it sounded like a good cream for my sensitive eczema prone skin and perhaps an alternative to control cream.

This can be used in a number of ways; as a serum underneath moisturiser, in between serum and moisturiser or as a lightweight moisturiser on it's own. It's aimed at skin that reacts to pollution, prickly heat, skin irritations, hormones and adverse reactions. The key points for me is that it's fragrance-free and alcohol-free as they're the two things that my skin reacts to when it comes to products.

This cream hasn't been able to stop my eczema flaring up like the Mario Badescu Control Cream can but it's really helped to soothe my skin and to stop the itching. I've been using the two creams in conjunction with each other and it's working really well so far. Also means that I'm using a lot less of the Control Cream so it'll last longer. I tend to apply the control cream in the morning which keeps my eczema at bay for the whole day and then use the Trilogy cream at night.

If you've used the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum, this fluid has the same sort of texture, it's very light and feels more like a serum than a cream. One pump is enough for the whole face and it sinks in almost immediately. I also like that it comes with a cap so if you're traveling with it, it won't leak in your bag.

The Calming Fluid is available from Escentual priced at £22.80 for 30ml.


  1. I have really bad face eczema, and have been looking everywhere for something to soothe it. I was just about the try the Mario cream, shame its hard to find ! I may have to try this Trilogy product out !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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