NOTD: Bourjois Amande Défilé

notd-bourjois-amande-defile-mint-green-creme-nail-polish-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 2 notd-bourjois-amande-defile-mint-green-creme-nail-polish-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 1
Supplies used... 
Orly Primetime Primer
CND Stickey Base Coat
Bourjois Amande Défilé // three coats
Nubar Diamont Top Coat

This is the first polish I've tried from the So Laque Glossy line from Bourjois although I do own a couple of polishes with the really long handles. Those I like. This one, not so much.

First off the packaging, so much better! I can stand these properly in my Helmer unlike the others which I have to lie down. I really didn't like the brush though and found it made the already horrible formula so much harder to apply. The bristles are quite hard so they don't flatten to the shape of the nail meaning you can't really get a neat edge by the cuticle.

Even after three coats a few nails were still patchy which I was disappointed about. If a polish needs more than two coats then it's pretty rare for me to reach for it again. I'd prefer to just find a similar colour with a better formula. It took a while to dry and bubbled quite badly once I put the top coat on.

The colour is gorgeous and just the right mint ice cream colour I was after but is it really worth all the hype it got? No and I wish I'd done a bit more research into it instead of just looking at the colour. Here's to hoping the other two colours I bought are better.

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  1. Love this shade! I need to get some of these Bourjois nail varnishes.

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. This shade is beautiful! x

  3. I'm not a fan of the polishes in this bottle either! I thought I was the only one! It is a lovely colour though xx

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of the polish in these bottles, I thought I was the only one though! It is a lovely colour though xx

  5. The colour of this polish is gorgeous! I was all excited and ready to add to my shopping list, until you described the formula! x

    Danielle /

  6. Such a nice colour, Bourjois does such great polishes !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  7. Love the colour :)

  8. These polishes have really nice packing! I love this shade :)

  9. I would love this colour on my toes.

  10. I wish green would work for me but it doesn't... This shade is so pretty!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  11. This is a gorgeous colour, what a shame the formula wasn't great!
    I find polishes bubble if you shake them, it's best to wait ten minutes before applying if you have to shake - you probably already know that but worth suggesting just in case!

    Jess xo


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