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I blogged about my skin care routine back in April which you can read here but since then I've finished the majority of those products and have started using new ones. I thought I'd share what I'm currently using as I like reading these posts myself. I think I'll carry on writing these posts as and when I use a different set of products, probably once every couple of months like I did with my last one.

I haven't included a cleanser in this photo as I don't stick with one cleanser unlike the other products I use. Instead I have a couple that I switch between depending on how my skin is feeling or looking. I'm going to be sharing my current cleanser wardrobe tomorrow.

For toner my current favourite is REN Tonic Moisture Mist but the only downside is the spray. Instead of an even mist of toner, it sort of only sprays one part of your face if that makes any sense, so you do have to use a couple of sprays. Apart from that it's up there with Caudalie Beauty Elixir for me and it doesn't contain any alcohol.

One of the products that featured in my last post is the Caudalie SOS Vinosource Thirst Quenching Serum although I've only just started using it again. I've just ran out of Indeed Labs Hydraluron so I've moved onto this but a repurchase will have to be made. This has to be one of my favourite products of all time, it makes a huge difference to my skin and dry patches. Plus I love the scent!

An old favourite is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser which I used a few years ago. This time I'm using the dry and sensitive version which is a lot thicker than the oily/light version that I previously had. Even though it's summer and my skin is a little bit more oily, I am still getting dry patches so this is really helping and my face feels moisturised all day. I'm not a fan of the tub as it's not very hygienic so if I buy it again I'll probably go for the tube.

Mario Badescu Control Cream is a product that will probably feature in every skin care routine I talk about. Although saying that it's currently sold out everywhere with rumours it's being discontinued and reformulated floating around and I'm near the end of this tub already. I just hope it'll be available again when I do finish it as it's the only thing that helps the eczema on my face.

For a skin treat once a week I've been mixing a few drops of Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil with my moisturiser for an added boost. By adding the oil to a moisturiser, it seems to sink into my skin easily and am not left feeling greasy. At the moment I'm not sure if it's worth the £60 price tag but am enjoying using and testing out this little sample bottle that I got free with another Nude purchase.

Finally for my lips I've been using the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips which I have to say, I'm not loving. This has gotten so much hype recently and it's a good lip balm but not that great. It's definitely not as good as the Reve De Miel. I'm just using it to try and finish it so I cant start using something better.

What products are in your skin care routines?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of the lip balm either, really disappointing!

  2. Not heard of the Ren toner before. It sounds nice, shame about the spray. x

  3. First of the photo looks amazing! I love Liz Earle cream too, I hate the smell but it really does work. I'm so interested in the serum by Caudalie, it's just ridiculously expensive!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

    1. It's expensive and you go through it so quickly but it's just SO good! I haven't found a serum that even begins to match it, it's so light but hydrates the skin and is perfect for in the mornings :) xx

  4. I love reading about skin care routines, probably because I'm still searching for mine! These were all helpful reviews, thank you!
    xx Amber
    Lovely Notions

  5. The REN mist sounds lovely and it's great that it doesn't contain any alcohol - definitely going on my wishlist for REN :) X

  6. The REN mist sounds great!

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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