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I have a very dry scalp due to eczema and I've tried everything to stop it. First of all using shampoos without sulphates which I'm still doing and has helped with the itchiness from eczema but it hasn't stopped the dry skin. I've used various oils which work well, especially bio oil, but you can't really use them during the week as obviously, your hair is covered in oil. I'm still looking  for something for those days in-between washes but for now this one product has made a difference.

It's the Dry Scalp Treatment from MorrocanOil which I had high hopes about as I love the original oil. You section off your hair and apply it using the dropper to the scalp and massage it in. I get my mum to apply it as I'd end up covered in oil and nothing on my scalp if I tried to do it myself. As you can probably guess, your hair is left looking incredibly greasy but smelling amazing. I save this treatment for the weekend when I know I'm not going anywhere. I then stick my hair in a high pony and let it soak in. If I can, I leave it in over night and wash my hair normally the following day.

It hasn't cured my dry scalp, I don't think anything will to be honest, but it works well at managing and maintaining it between washes. It leaves my scalp feeling nice and nourished and the dry patches disappear for longer than other oils I've tried. I bought it from Feel Unique for just under £25 but it doesn't seem to be available anymore

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  1. Shame this wasn't that good for the price overall! Companies are missing a trick by not creating products aimed at scalp conditions other than dandruff - the amount of times I've had to explain that I have eczema is getting ridiculous!x

  2. I'm sure I've seen that stuff in TKMAXX, so might be worth checking out there from time to time since everything seems to be much cheaper! x

  3. I didn't even realise MoroccanOil did this and sometimes I can have a bit of bother with my scalp, so I may have to give it a go :) xo


  4. I have eczema too so I get the pain of nothing fixing it. Shame it didn't work that well.



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