NOTD: Urban Outfitters W.I.P Supernova

NOTD urban outfitters WIP W.I.P supernova nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog 1 NOTD urban outfitters WIP W.I.P supernova nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog 2
Supplies used... 
Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast dry Base Coat
Urban Outfitters W.I.P Supernova  // two coats
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Top Coat

I could not have chosen a worse day to try and photograph not only a black nail polish but one with a lot of detail and glitter. There is no sun to be seen so the lighting is horrible, the sky is completely full of horrible grey clouds and it's currently raining. I've given myself a little challenge so I didn't want to not get some photos of it. I'm planning on photographing and blogging every polish I wear and then I'm not going to wear the ones I've already blogged about. I had a huge sort out of my nail polishes the other week and found so many that I haven't blogged about or even worn. Hopefully in photographing each polish I'll start using them all more and stop sticking to my favourites.

So onto the polish, I'm not even sure if this is available anymore as it's not online and I haven't been into an Urban Outfitters store for such a long time. Apologies if it isn't as it's such a beautiful colour. Topshop Gypsy Night is a pretty similar colour but it hasn't got the larger gold glitter in it.

Supernova has a black base, almost like a jelly, and is packed full of glass flecks, shimmer and different sizes and colours of glitters. With a good top coat it doesn't feel rough despite the amount of glitter it has unlike other polishes. It also has a great formula which I wasn't expecting, I only need two coats and it applied really well. 

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  1. that's such a good idea to have a little nail polish clear out. I've been trying to use colours I don't normally use as much too, but it's so easy to go back to those old favourites!

    Dannielle @ Chic-a-Dee

  2. That's such a neat colour ! It really does look like its name. Love the different sized glitter. Can't wait to see more polishes

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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