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Sunday Pamper 004

Body: My eczema has gotten a lot worse this week, especially on my legs so in the bath I layered up the products. First up is the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil which I've been sort of rationing and saving as I love it so much. This works so well at moisturising the skin and leaves behind a gorgeous almond scent. The oil turns into a milk when it hits water which just feels so luxurious. I have been using it on occasion to shave my legs with but can see that becoming a bit of an expensive habit. To boost the moisture levels in my skin even more I used Lush Dreamwash as a sort of conditioner for my skin, leaving it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing away. Once out of the bath I followed up with Dream Cream which is sadly nearing the end of the tub.

Face:I got a mini sample of the Origins Clear Improvement Mask with an order the other day and it's one I've wanted to try for ages. I applied the charcoal mask to my t-zone and then applied the Drink Up Mask to the rest …

Project Sample Use Up 004

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet x2 - This has become one of my favourite moisturisers and I've gone through these two samples pretty quickly. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and soft. It isn't heavy feeling either and has quite a unique texture to it, it just melts into the skin. It isn't a cream but it isn't a gel, kind of somewhere in between. I've already bought the full size from the Escentual French Pharmacy sale.

Escentual Micellar Blind Trial Samples B And E - I'm still not sure which brands these two are as the results haven't been given out yet. I didn't like sample B but I would buy the full size of sample E.

Mario Badescu Cream Soap - I bought the full size of this cleanser after only using this sample for about a week, that's how impressed I was with it. It's a very gentle cleanser that ticks the foaming cleanser box that I was after since becoming a bit bored with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish bu…

Mini Reviews 002: Soap & Glory

Whipped Clean Shower Butter - I'm always on the look out for shower gels that are moisturising so I skip actually moisturising my skin. I hate doing it despite owning a lot of body moisturisers. This is one of those products and it just makes your skin feel amazing and would be perfect for in winter when everyone's skin is drier. The scent is probably one of my favourites as well, pistachio, almond and vanilla. I can see myself forever buying a bottle of this and it's usually on 3 for 2 as well. £8.00 for 250ml.

Pulp Friction Body Scrub - I love S&G body scrubs, they make some of the best and this is no exception. I love that it foams up slightly when it mixes with water as it feels like a shower gel mixed with an exfoliator. Again another two in one product! My only criticism would be that it's quite runny so it doesn't stick to the skin as easily as others do. It's in-between being a gentle scrub and a harsh scrub which is nice if you want to use it more o…

Monthly Empties: June 2013

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub - This has to be one of my favourite scrubs purely because of the scent. It smells like maple syrup pancakes or porridge. An added bonus is that it's a very good body scrub! It leaves your skin very soft and moisturised but it doesn't leave that horrible oily residue like some do. I have a couple of other body scrubs to use but I will be buying another tub at some point.

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak - I really enjoyed using these bath salts and I'll buy another tub at some point. The scent is a mix of lavender and vetivert which I love and it definitely helps you to relax and unwind before bed.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter - I love these body butters from The Body Shop as the scents are so strong. I'll apply it at night and I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning. They're a bit too heavy for me to use them on my body so I use them on my feet which can get very dry. I'm on a mission to use up all my products …

NOTD: Urban Outfitters W.I.P Supernova

Supplies used...
Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast dry Base Coat
Urban Outfitters W.I.P Supernova  // two coats
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Top Coat

I could not have chosen a worse day to try and photograph not only a black nail polish but one with a lot of detail and glitter. There is no sun to be seen so the lighting is horrible, the sky is completely full of horrible grey clouds and it's currently raining. I've given myself a little challenge so I didn't want to not get some photos of it. I'm planning on photographing and blogging every polish I wear and then I'm not going to wear the ones I've already blogged about. I had a huge sort out of my nail polishes the other week and found so many that I haven't blogged about or even worn. Hopefully in photographing each polish I'll start using them all more and stop sticking to my favourites.

So onto the polish, I'm not even sure if this is available anymore as it's not online and I haven't been into a…

Week In Photos 143 & 144

Pigeon that my monster of a cat decided to chase around the garden // Poppy // Birthday decorations // & food // & epic cake // With cute cards // Great packaging from Birchbox // Lazy Sundays with new bedding, amazing strawbs and a good book.
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What's In My Skin Care Bag

I new wash bag means a mix up of products to use and I've swapped some old favourites with some new ones to try. My new wash bag is about twice the size of my other one so I can now keep some body products in there that I use on a daily basis. The trio that I'm using at the moment, and loving, is the This Works Perfect Heels Balm which works wonders for the feet and I also use it on my elbows which get very dry and sometimes a bit of eczema can flare up. For the rest of my skin I'm currently using First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream which is extremely moisturising but feels very thin on the skin so doesn't irritate my eczema. Finally Neom's Inspiration Hand Cream which was in a Latest In Beauty Box. I love the scent and although it takes a while to sink in, it leaves a nice matte sort of finish to the skin.

I always keep my nail clippers in my wash bag as I'd loose them if I didn't, if they're always in the same place then I know where they are. I'…

Rave: MoroccanOil Dry Scalp Treatment

I have a very dry scalp due to eczema and I've tried everything to stop it. First of all using shampoos without sulphates which I'm still doing and has helped with the itchiness from eczema but it hasn't stopped the dry skin. I've used various oils which work well, especially bio oil, but you can't really use them during the week as obviously, your hair is covered in oil. I'm still looking  for something for those days in-between washes but for now this one product has made a difference.

It's the Dry Scalp Treatment from MorrocanOil which I had high hopes about as I love the original oil. You section off your hair and apply it using the dropper to the scalp and massage it in. I get my mum to apply it as I'd end up covered in oil and nothing on my scalp if I tried to do it myself. As you can probably guess, your hair is left looking incredibly greasy but smelling amazing. I save this treatment for the weekend when I know I'm not going anywhere. I th…

NOTD: Ciate Mojito & L'Oreal Confetti

Supplies used...
Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast dry Base Coat
Ciate Mojito// two coats
L'Oreal Confetti // one coat
Seche Vite Top Coat

Despite being very excited about the Ciate Nail Polish Advent Calender when I got it, since opening them all I haven't really used the polishes that much. I've decided to try them all at least once and then I'll be able to pass on any colours I'm not really a fan of. With Ciate Mojito I knew I just had to pair it with L'Oreal Confetti as I love green polishes with the white and black glitter top coats.

I was surprised at how watery Mojito was and if I wasn't going to add a glitter top coat then it would have needed a third layer to even out the colour. Although three coats aren't a lot, when you add base and top coats as well, for an impatient person like myself I just can't stand it. I tend to not use polishes that need more than two coats.

Considering the full price of Ciate polishes are £9 I just don't think this o…

The Repurchases 001

It's not often that I repurchase products as I'm constantly testing different things and trying to find holy grail products. I tend to stick with the same bath and body products but when it comes to skin care and make-up, there's just so many different and new products to try. Recently though I seem to have fallen into quite a happy skin care routine and one that I've actually stuck with for more than a few weeks.

I finished a 500ml bottle of Bioderma H20 Micellar Solutiona few months back and instead of buying another bottle I decided to try out the Taaj version. Huge mistake as I'm now trying to force myself to finish it so I can start using Bioderma again. There is nothing better, well one of the Escentual Blind Trial Micellars is coming close but I'm still waiting to find out which one it is, and I have a couple of bottles waiting to be used.

I got a mini tub of RMK's Rose Cleansing Balm in my March Birchbox and I fell in love with it immediately. Befo…

Escentual Shopping

With it being my Birthday today, turning the grand old age of 23, I thought I'd treat myself to some products that  I've wanted for a while. I also ticked the free gift wrap box and look how they arrived! It really did feel like opening early presents. Take note other companies: this is how I want to open all my online orders.

So onto what I ordered. First up is the Dior Crème De Rose lip balm which has been raved about by Elle and Ingrid. I love lip balms, I have way too many but I can't help to buy even more. I always tend to reach for a lip balm to wear everyday rather than a lipstick or gloss. I like the packaging but I still can't make up my mind whether the white plastic looks cheap or nice. It feels well made but white just gets dirty so easily. As for the lip balm, it reminds me of a thicker version of Korres Jasmine Lip Butter. It has a lovely rose scent and really helps to hydrate the lips. So far so good on this one!

Next up is the Blue Orchid Face Treatmen…

The Birthday

It's my Birthday tomorrow so today was spent making the cake. I had the exact image of the cake I wanted in my head and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's slightly wonky but at least it looks homemade. It's three layer of yellow cake with caramel icing.

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NOTD: H&M Blue My Mind

Supplies used...
Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat
H&M Blue My Mind // two coats
Seche Vite Top Coat

H&M's Blue My Mind is an almost neon blue and despite having very pale skin, it works really well. I think this is one of those shades that just looks amazing on any skin tone. This is also a great dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street for about half the price.

If I apply it carefully I can get away with only one coat as it has quite a thick and opaque formula but I used two coats as I knew I was photographing it. As it's very thick it can bubble if you're not careful. I tend to apply a coat, wait ten minutes and apply another then use a quick drying top coat like Seche Vite and I don't have any problems. I also apply it while I'm watching a film or youtube video so I don't notice the ten minute waiting time.

I really wish H&M would change their bottle design! They look nice but the flat wide lids makes it so hard to apply neatly and is awkward to hold.

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Sunday Pamper 003

This weeks pamper session is all about the hair, body and face as I already painted my nails yesterday. Ciate Mojito and L'Oreal Confetti if you were wondering.

Before jumping into a bath I'll use The Body Shop Body Brush which has pretty much sat unused in my cupboard for years. Instead of being used, it's been a great place to put my bobbles so I don't loose them. Since this pamper post is for me to actually use all my products I thought I'd include this as well. You can use it on dry skin before a bath or shower, during when your skin is wet or in combination with a body scrub or shower gel. I think today I'll be using it with my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel. It's meant to help exfoliate your skin as well increasing circulation.

To increase the amazing Sugar Crush scent I'm going to be using the body scrub and moisturiser from the same range. The Body Buttercream has a different consistency to the Soap & Glory body butters, it's m…

Beauty Box: Birchbox June 2013

Birchbox - £10 per month (+ £2.95 P&P) I saw a couple of blog posts a week or so before I got my box and I was disappointed with the contents. Now I have my own box I'm actually really pleased with it but have no idea why the sudden change of opinion as the products are the same. I also like the redesign, although not a massive change I do prefer how everything looks now.

Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel - I've had this shower gel in another box but I can't for the life of me remember if it was Birchbox or Glossybox. I think this is a different scent though, and although I wont by the full size as it's too expensive, I am happy to have it in the box.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-in Conditioner - This is an exclusive to Birchbox which I think I'll be trying when I was my hair tomorrow. The scent of this reminds me of the 90's cupcake dolls that I used to have when I was little!

Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber - I'm trying to get better a…

A Trio Of Masks

If you've been reading my blog over the past month or so you may have seen an increase in face mask blog posts. It's safe to say I've become obsessed with them! My skin has been so sensitive and eczema prone over the last couple of years that I haven't been able to use them. This past year though my skin has definitely changed and I've gradually introduced face masks to my skin care routine. I'm still quite hesitant about using them though and haven't quite got the courage to try the mini sample of the Ren Radiance Renewal Mask which I have in case my skin reacts badly to it. Some day though I plan to use it, even if it's just on my forehead which seems to be the most normal part of my face.

Recently I've been using this trio of masks which seems to have made a huge difference in how my skin looks. Each one is designed for a different task and covers all areas of concern on my face.

First up is the Silver Powder from Mario Badescu which I use on my…

NOTD: Eyeko Tea Rose

Supplies used...
Nubar Foundation Base Coat
Eyeko Tea Rose  // two coats
Seche Vite Top Coat

This lovely dirty rose shade from Eyeko is one of my go to polishes for when I'm sure what colour I want to paint my nails. It applies like a dream, only takes two coats and dries pretty quickly especially with the help of Seche Vite and it doesn't bubble.

The only downside, it's been discontinued which means I can't get a new one once I finish this bottle. I managed to get a couple of back ups of some other shades but sadly not this one. I always say this when I talk about Eyeko polishes, but I have no idea why they discontinued them when I think they were the only good product they sold.

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Tag: Colours Of The Rainbow

Red - Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter Orange - Topshop Infared Lip Stick Yellow - Liz Earle Facial Sponge Green - Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel Blue - Origins Super Spot Remover Indigo - Barry M Indigo Nail Polish Violet - Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara Pink - Dainty Doll My Girl Blush
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Beauty Box: Glossybox June 2013

I don't know what to think of June's Glossybox*, there's a good range of products, nothing really targeted to specific skin types/tones which is great but it's just not for me.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Serum - I'm pretty sure I've tried this before and hated it. It made my hair sticky and greasy no matter how much or how I applied it. It also did nothing to control the frizz. My mum likes other products from this range so I might pass it onto her to try and see if she gets on better with it than I did.

Figs & Rouge Coco-Rose Lip Balm - I was excited to see a Figs & Rouge lip balm in this box as I love the mint version I have. I was disappointed when I opened it though as it's glittery and quite sticky, not in a good way either, more like a lip gloss.

Helen E Cosmetics Waterproof Protective Lip Liner - This is the one product I know I'm going to use and enjoy. It's a lovely pink with a hint of coral and is actually very creamy for a line…

Week In Photos 141 & 142

Body Shop order // New photo wall // Bargain summer dress // Monster cat // Summer pjs // Favourite flowers // Lazy days in the sun // First poppy // Summer salads // Finally found my name on a coke bottle! // Chalkboard jars from Matalan // Freshly planted basil & DIY name stick // DIY Birthday decorations.
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