Sunday Pamper 001

sunday pamper 001 rottenotter rotten otter blog 3 I don't often have pamper days but with a few recent additions to my stash, mainly face masks, I thought it was about time I started actually using, and enjoying, the products I have. Each Sunday I will take out an hour or so of my day to pamper myself from head to toe. Including everything from a long hot bath, washing my hair, looking after my feet and painting my nails for the following work day.

I started todays pamper session with a bath using the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak which is it's fancy name for lavender bath salts. These have such a strong lavender scent that they really do help you to completely unwind. While in the bath I started to read the second book in the Bzrk series by Michael Grant. To add to the whole lavender bath I used Lush Dreamwash which is incredibly moisturising and helps to soothe and calm my eczema. I was in the bath for about 20 minutes which is the perfect amount of time to try the Mario Badescu Soothing & Healing Mask for the first time. Only first impressions but so far I like it. Just before I got out of the bath I scrubbed my feet with Liz Earle Foot Scrub* which has an amazing mint scent.

After I got out the bath I followed up with the moisturiser equivalent of Dreamwash, Lush Dream Cream which again, helps with my eczema and dry skin. I then massaged in a layer of Liz Earle Foot Repair* and popped on a pair of giraffe socks. Despite the name, I applied This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm to my elbows which is an incredible balm that works immediately.

I'm just about to wash my hair and then paint my nails with China Glaze Sweet hook and Nubar White Polka Dots ...


  1. Dreamwash sound lovely - and I'm not a huge LUSH fan. May need to pay them a visit.

    Random question, but where is your shelf from please? x

    1. I have no idea sorry! My mum found it at a car boot and thought it would suit my room :) xx

  2. This sounds like a lovely pamper. I should get another pot of Dreamwash, miss having it in my bathroom x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. This sounds like a perfect pamper. I always try & do this once a week to wind down. x


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