Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Collection

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Let me start off by saying this has to be my favourite scent I've come across in body products so far. I could sit there all day just smelling it. It reminds me of coca cola but with a bit of lime mixed in. Not your usual scent for body products but it just works so well.

Fresh & Foamy Body Wash - The name says it all really, this isn't a shower gel that's going to lather up into giant bubbles. Instead it'll foam up slightly which I quite like. The only downside to this shower gel is that it isn't very moisturising but that's where the body moisturiser comes in. It doesn't dry the skin out though.

Body Scrub - I thought nothing could beat the original Flake Away Scrub but this totally has. The scent mixed with how effective the scrub is means I'll be constantly buying this. The scrub is made up of smashed brown sugar and macadamia grains. It's also very moisturising due to the almond oil which also adds a nice subtle scent. Although I usually do follow up with the moisturiser to pack on the scent, you can get away without using one with this scrub.

Body Buttercream - This has a very unique texture, it isn't as thick as a body butter but it's definitely not a cream or lotion. Buttercream is actually a perfect description of it to be honest. It sort of melts into the skin when you apply it and sinks in immediately. When I apply this at night I can still feel it on my skin when I wake up in the morning.


  1. The Sugar Crush Body Scrub is my all time fave scrub. I adore the smell and think its scrubs really well. I like a scrubby scrub & this delivers.

  2. If you love good smelling products, I've recently discovered Marshmellow Blends! The caramel cupcake body scrub is amazing!! Home made as well x

  3. I love your description of the scent. I'll definitely go have a sniff in Boots. x x


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