Beauty Box: Birchbox May 2013

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OPI Nail Polish - I'm currently waiting to find out the actual name of this polish as it doesn't say it on the minis. It's a lovely dark purple with bright pink shimmer. With it being May I would have expected more of a summer colour but I do like the one I got. EDIT: I think it's Russian Navy.

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Moisturiser - Elemental Herbology is a brand I've wanted to try since everyone started blogging about it. I probably wouldn't have picked this particular product out for myself as it's aimed at anti-aging and it also says not to apply directly to spots or areas of conjestion. With how my skin is looking at the moment there's probably more areas I can't apply it than I can! Unfortuantly I think this might be going to my mum.

B/Attitude Body Souffle - A great sized sample to try and it smells like vanilla. It actually does have a souffle sort of texture, it's more runny than usual and takes longer to sink into the skin.

Kusmi Detox Tea - I love trying new tea, especially loose, and this one smells lovely. It mainly smells like lemongrass! I did find the tin very hard to open and every time I'd loose a bit of tea but that's just me being nitpicky.

Makebeleive Enhance Highlighter - This is a cream highlighter which I was excited to try but when I did it was very disappointing. Once blended into the skin it just sort of turns to glitter and is very obvious.

Doctor Duve Anti-Aging & Firming Eye Cream - I didn't photograph this eye cream as it was just two sachets. Aparently this will boost skin moisture leves, reduce puffiness and activate collagen production.

I really wish beauty boxes would make use out of our profiles! In mine, under skin concerns I have ticked sensitive skin and eczema. I have not ticked aging so really, why include two anti-aging products in my box. I know they can't always do this but it does make me think about cancelling my subscription as I end up with more unused products than ones that I actually can use. /rant over.


  1. Yup, the OPI mini is indeed Russian Navy :) x

  2. I've noticed that Birchbox doesn't refer to customer profiles at all. I've been disappointed many a time as well. Hopefully the next box will be better! I like that they included tea!



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