Base Coat & Top Coat Round Up 003

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Base Coats
Revlon Quick Dry - I'd read great things about this basecoat so couldn't wait to try it. First of all I love the brush, it makes applying the polish so much easier. It doesn't leave a hint of colour on the nails like Orly Orlon but it does sort of even out the nail if that makes any sense. Meaning polish applies nicely on the top. This also makes my polish last longer. Even though it's not the cheapest, it costs more than China Glaze, it's the only "drug store" one that works. At least out of the one's I've tried so far. £6.49 *****

China Glaze Strong Adhesion - I like this base coat but it hasn't wowed me like others have. It dries at an ok speed, creates a nice base for nail polishes and makes them last a decent amount of time. It's an ok product that I don't really reach for. ***

OPI Matte Nail Envy - I've used the original version of OPI's Nail Envy and really didn't get on with it. It peeled off my nails almost immediately and therefore didn't make a difference to how my nails felt. I saw the matte version on Lena White for a really low price so thought I'd try it again after hearing Kate rave about it. I find the ends of my nails peel if I wear polish a lot and being the nail junkie that I am, I'm rarely without a colour on my nails. I hoped this would help the problem. First off it's a dream to apply and I really like matte finish. It makes my nails look manicured even though I'm not wearing anything.  I bought mine unboxed from Lena White as it was £8 cheaper.******

Orly Orlon - I've really been liking these sort of base coats which are milky white as they create a nice layer to apply polish to. It seems to enhance the colour especially for polishes that are on the sheer side.  *****

Top Coats
Seche Vite - I have a love-hate relationship with Seche Vite. I've used it in the past and loved how quickly it dries and how it leaves my nails looking like glass. It just doesn't last on my nails though and my polish will either chip or start to peel the next day. Also when you're half way through the bottle it'll start to go gloopy which is a pain. This is why I've recently bought a mini bottle so that I have it in my collection if I want something that dries my polish very quickly but it wont go gloopy and horrible as quickly. I will usually use this with glitters. ***

Revlon Quick Dry - I thought I'd really like this top coat the first time I used it as it dried very quickly and my polish looked very glossy. When I woke up I found bed prints on a couple of my nails despite waiting a while after painting my nails to go to bed. I also noticed a lot of shrinkage which has never happened to me before. The tips of my nails where bare from polish and it looked like a few days old manicure, not one I'd only painted the night before. Although it works great as a top coat, using this makes my polish last a week which is amazing for me as polish doesn't normally last more than two days but I just wished it didn't shrink. It really puts me off using it. *

China Glaze Fast Forward - I haven't really made up my mind about this top coat yet. It dries very quickly and applies nicely but polishes always start to crack and chip immediately when I use this. I don't get more than a day or two with it which is the same as I would have without using it.  *

CND Speedey - Paired with CND Stickey this top coat works really well at making polish last. It a very thin top coat which I was surprised at and I didn't think it would dry very quickly but it did. I also really like the brush of these polishes.  *****


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