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Beauty Bay is one of my favourite online shops to buy from as well as browse. It's where I buy a lot of my nail polishes from as well as skin care from Mario Badescu and other brands. They also offer next day delivery if you spend over a certain amount, which isn't that hard to do, as well as great sized samples with the premier service. I've discovered some favourite products from the samples they're included.

I thought I'd share my most recent order as it's the products I am currently testing out and loving. The two Nubar Polishes, Citadel and Palisade, are what I hoped to be good matches for Models Own Misty Grey. Misty Grey is one of my all  time favourite polishes but it's been discontinued and I've just finished the only bottle I have of it. Neither one matches but if the two mixed I think it might make the right shade. That'll be my project for this weekend!

I've never tried anything from First Aid Beauty before but I've read a lot about them. The Instant Oatmeal Mask is meant to deeply hydrating which is going to be perfect for my dry skin. Oats are also really good for eczema so I'm hoping it'll be able to help with any stubborn patches I have. It's also good for stressed and dehydrated skin. Next up is the Ultra Repair Cream which I've heard is also good for eczema. If the cream works I really want to try the concentrated version.

If you can't tell already, I've become a huge fan of face masks and love trying new ones. I'm yet to try this Healing & Soothing mask from Mario Badescu yet but this is meant to help with irritation and redness as well as balancing your skin. You're meant to leave this mask on for 20 minutes so I think it'll be one I'll use when I have a longer bath.

Finally is the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette which I didn't think I'd want to buy when I first heard about it. I've had Mac palettes in the past which I never used and ended up selling them so didn't think I'd want the Urban Decay version. Fast forward a few months and I've hit pan on a couple of shadows from the Naked palette which I've been using everyday. I will probably buy the palette again once I use up all the other colours but in the mean time I didn't want to be without two of them. Already in the palette is Walk Of Shame as well as a brush. So to go in the palette I bought Sin and Virgin, two very neutral colours but ones I've used constantly for about two months now. I will eventually fill the other three slots but I think I'll wait and see which other colours I finish from the two Naked palettes and create my own custom version of them.

What have you bought recently?


  1. I love the new urban decay palettes, they look so much more fun than the usual black Mac ones. =D x

  2. Beauty Bay have such a great selection of nail polish. I really want to try some Mario Badescu products.

  3. Both those nail polish shades are lovely! I've heard Orly Mirror Mirror may be a close dupe to Misty Grey, but i'm not sure how close xx

    1. Mirror Mirror is next on my list to try! :) xx

  4. The Instant Oatmeal Mask sounds like something I could benefit from! I never knew oats could be good for the skin, thanks :)
    Kerry x

  5. Those polishes look gorgeous x

  6. Ooh I love your Urban Decay palette so far, I actually had no idea that they'd brought out build your own ones!

    Jennie xo |


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