Models Own Grace Green & Nubar Black Polka Dot - NOTD

models own grace green nubar black polka dot notd nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Supplies used...
Nail Tek Foundation II
Models Own Grace Green
Nubar Black Polka Dot
CND Speedey

This manicure was completely inspired by Kaylah at Dainty Squid and it's become one of my favourites. I've ordered some of the nail stickers Kaylah uses so once they arrive I'm going to give the whole manicure a go. I think I might try using Models Own Concrete Mixer next time though.

In Kaylah's post she asked - When you paint your nails do you start with your thumb or pinky nail first? I paint my right hand first as I find it the hardest since I'm right handed. I paint my pinky first and thumb last. I then go and paint my left hand the same way, pinky first and thumb last. How do you paint your nails?


  1. Gorgeous combination! I paint my left hand first, thumb to pinky, as I always use the thumbnail as guide for how much I need on the brush for the other nails. x

  2. That's so gorgeous, I'm loving this whole speckled effect trend at the mo. I paint my nails the same as yours, always start with my pinky and do the thumb last! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. this looks soooo pretty! love it! :D

  4. Grace Green is one of my favourite greens in my collection, it reminds me of a french green clay face mask!

  5. Grace Green is such a nice shade - love slightly swampy colours for nails.

  6. Love this Models Own Grace Green - what a pretty colour. I hardly have any green polishes in my collection. The Nubar Black Polka Dot looks great over the top. A pretty combination


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