Holy Grail: Mario Badescu Control Cream

mario badescu control cream
I've had two patches of eczema on my face for at least five months. One on my eye brow and other on my top lip/cupids brow. I've literally tried every single cream that I own and nothing has worked. The only cream that didn't irritate my skin was Weleda Skin Food but it just wasn't doing anything for the eczema or the dry skin.

I was starting to get fed up about it as it was getting worse and more irritated so I booked an appointment to see my doctor and to get a prescription for it. I really didn't want it to get to this stage as I've had bad reactions to creams I've been prescribed in the past but I made an appointment anyway.

Later on that day I watched Megans February favourites video in which she featured a Mario Badescu cream. When she was describing her eczema it sounded just like she was describing my own. She said she noticed immediate effects and the redness was gone. I was sold and ordered it immediately.

It arrived a few days later and I applied it to both areas straight away. Luckily I didn't notice any stinging like Meg did even though I have very sensitive skin. After applying it once I noticed a massive difference. All the redness was gone and the skin felt normal again. The dryness did take a few more days to go but I was able to cancel my doctors appointment. I also didn't need to apply any steroid cream to my face which I was so happy about.

If you've got any stubborn eczema patches that just aren't going away despite trying a whole load of creams then give this a try. It might just work miracles like it has for me.

I bought it from BeautyBay.com for £14.95.


  1. I'd try this if only it wasn't blue (I'm terrible with colourings). x

  2. All month I have been using me MB samples. The jars are small, but they are lasting me forever! I sure am loving my samples though! Especially my eye cream. I hope to get a post up on the six products next month, they really are great!

  3. I need to try this!
    I have the weirdest dry patch near my eyebrows.
    I hope it is worth all the hype.


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