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This week it's been all about nail polish on the blog but I hadn't planned it to be this way. I was meant to be photographing, writing and posting my January favourites this morning before work but then I got my Butter London order through the post. I opened it and one of the bottles had completely smashed and covered the other two in polish. Cleaning it all up took up most of my time so thought I'd just publish one of my posts that I'd already written.
1. How many polishes are in your stash?
I have no idea! I haven't counted for a while. I do know I have more than 180 as my collection has outgrown my old storage drawers and that's how many they could hold.  Lucky for me nail polish is the only thing I collect and have a lot of! I could happily have a tiny make-up bag full of products but nail polish is a whole different story.

opi nail polish tag 12 2. Which brand do you have the most polishes from?
Definitely OPI, it's the brand I've been collecting for the longest, around 4 years and is by far my favourite. I love the colour selection, formula, brush shape and the names. I do wish they were cheaper here but I have managed to get the majority of them at a cheaper price.

3. What is the most common color in your collection?
I've just bought a new Ikea Helmer to store my polishes in so I've actually just sorted them into colours. I would have said either grey, green or brown. It's actually pink with purple coming up close.
nail polish tag 7
4. Are there colors / finishes you do not own?
Magnetic polishes! Although I do want to try them I just haven't found a colour that I really like yet.

5. Which nail polish do you wear the most?
The polishes I wear most often are Revlon Minted, Essie Mint Candy Apple and Models Own Misty Grey. Unfortunately Misty Grey has been discontinued so I'll have to find a new favourite grey once the bottle is finished.

 6. Which nail polish do you regret buying?
If I regret buying a polish I either sell it or pass it onto friends or family. Usually the one's I regret buying are when the formula is really bad.

7. Do you use a basecoat?
I never used to but after some bad staining I've started applying it every time I paint my nails. I'm currently loving CND Stickey.

8. Do you use a topcoat?
Polish doesn't last much longer on me when I use a topcoat so that isn't the reason I use it. I use a fast drying top coat so I can carry on with whatever I'm doing or go to bed quickly after painting them. I just can't sit and wait around for polish to dry, I'm too impatient.

 9. Stamping or freehand?
I prefer stamping but I don't really do either.

10. Do you like glitter / shimmer or prefer a creme finish?
I love glitter nail polish but hate the removal of it so I tend to wear creme polishes.

11. Do you feel naked without nail polish?
I wouldn't say I feel naked without nail polish but if my nails are stained then I wont be seen without polish. I do like to give my nails a break every month or so and have a week without wearing polish.

nail polish tag 8 12. How many polishes did you buy last week?
I bought some Butter London polishes last week. I couldn't resist the £10 off discount code so I made two orders and saved myself £20. I ordered Two Finger Salute, Sprog, Trustafarian, Yummy Mummy and Wallis.


  1. Love the look of these Butter London polishes! I only have two from them but I love the bottle design and formula.

    I can't believe one of your polishes smashed, must have taken a lot of throwing around during transit! x


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