Base Coat & Top Coat Round Up 002

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I'm still on the hunt for the perfect base and top coats and as I've tried quite a few new ones recently I thought I'd do another round up post.

Jessica Quick Dry - You apply Quick Dry onto wet nail polish and it's dry in 60 seconds. A drop or two on each nail is all it needs. I haven't been reaching for this as often recently because I like the high shine finish you get from applying a top coat. It works really well though and I usually use it if I'm painting my nails just before bed. This is similar to Essie Instant Dry Oil which I included in my first round up post but I find this one from Jessica less messy. The dropper makes it so easy to apply and I find I don't waste any product. This also doesn't sink into the nails but I find it less oily unlike the Essie version. Not an essential product for me but one I'm glad to have in my collection. £9.55 *****

Base Coats:
CND Stickey - This is my current favourite base coat and the one I've been most impressed with. I've always struggled to find a good base coat that dries quickly and prevents staining and this ticks all the boxes. The green colour doesn't transfer onto your nails and doesn't affect the colour you apply on top. You can also buy a 68ml bottle which makes this base coat pretty great value for money as well. £8.95 ********

Jessica Rejuvenation - This base coat is meant to help dry and problem nails which I'm not really sure it does. It certainly doesn't dry my nails out but I don't think it improves them either. As far as a base coat goes it's a pretty standard one. It dries quickly, doesn't make the coloured polish bubble and makes your manicure last a decent amount of time. £9.15 ***

Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat - This one is pretty good when it comes to protecting your nails from staining. I haven't used it enough to really comment on how it works as a base coat though. £17.49 for base coat and top coat **

Top Coats:
Orly Polishield - This is a repurchase for me as I had the mini bottle from a set and finished it pretty quickly. It isn't my favourite of all time but it is in my top three at the moment. It dries quickly, leaves your nails feeling glossy and makes polish last longer. £10.40 ******

Jessica Top Priority - This is a funny one for me. Despite having it for a while I'm still not 100% what it's meant to do. I bought it thinking it was a top coat but the first time I applied it to semi dry nails it lifted and dragged the polish. The polish I was wearing also stained the brush. I bought it without reading any reviews which I probably shouldn't have done. Apparently this is meant to safeguard your polish for up to two weeks. I have never ever had a polish last two weeks. You're also meant to apply a coat of this the day after you've applied the polish to keep it looking good which is quite unusual for a top coat.   £9.30 *

Lumos High Speed Top Coat - I bought this top coat as Charlotte  has raved about it. I always love her nail posts so I thought I'd give it a try. I was quite disappointed with it actually. For something that is called "high speed" it actually took quite a while for my nails to dry. With topcoats like Nubar Diamont I can touch my nails literally seconds after applying it but with this it took about 5 minutes which just isn't quick enough for me. It did leave a very nice glossy finish though and lasted a good amount of time before chipping. £17.49 for base coat and top coat *

Nails Inc Caviar* - I always love mini nail polishes and this one came in my November Glossybox. The Caviar base and top coat have been on my to try list for ages. I'm still not sure if I'll buy the full size when this one runs out as it's sort of just an ok product but I have been enjoying using it. It doesn't dry as quickly as others but still quite impressive. The glossy finish it leaves is pretty standard and it makes polish last a decent amount of time.  £12 ***


  1. I love ModelsOWN Pro as a basecoat and Boots's 17 topcoat works wonders!

  2. This was such a helpful post! I really want to try the Jessica Quick Dry x

  3. I like the Nails Inc one although I do agree it doesn't dry amazingly fast! xx

  4. I'm obsessed with Nail's Inc! I just bought the caviar top coat and base coat and am in love. The base coat makes it super easy to polish over and really protects against staining, (its a pinky colour too so you can see where you put it) and the top coat is just a normal top coat for me though. I did however get their matte top coat and am obsessed with how it looks, but it does seem my polish chips off quicker.


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