28 February 2013

February Empties 2013

february empties 2013 rottenotter blog 1 february empties 2013 rottenotter blog 2 February has been a bit of a boring month for me as far as beauty products go. I haven't bought anything new, I haven't liked any new or interesting products and I haven't finished that many things. I'm not actually going to be posting a favourites this month, which is a first since I started writing them, as I just can't think of anything I've liked that I haven't already posted about.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-rich Body Wash - This was a sample with an order I made on Beauty Bay I think. I enjoyed using it but I wouldn't buy a bottle. I loved the scent though!

Clinique Lash doubling Mascara - I loved this mascara and I'll definitely be buying a full size at some point. It definitely gave a lot of volume without being clumpy. It also lengthened my lashes as well.

The Body Shop Nail Buffer Block - I've had this buffer for years and it's only just stopped working as well as it should. Luckily I had another one so I don't need to buy a new one. I buff my nails about once a month to get rid of any ridges and to make my nails look nice and shiny. With a flat surface I find nail polish is easier to apply and just lasts longer.

Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish* - Dare I say it, I might be going through a phase where I'm not a fan of C&P. Lately I've just been feeling like it isn't doing anything for my skin and isn't washing off very well. I've also been feeling like using a frothy/foaming cleanser which this is the complete opposite of. I don't know if it's just my skin feeling a bit different or if I just need a change after using this for five years.

Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash* - This is one of the best hand soaps I've ever tried. It smells amazing, feels very luxurious and is incredibly moisturising. I would love to have a bottle of this on my sink at all times but it is quite pricey. I'll be buying a bottle at some point as a treat but not until my spending ban is complete.

Liz Earle Face & Body Wash - This little sample has been floating around in my bathroom for ages so thought I'd use it up. I think it came with an order a while ago. It has a lovely scent but I think I prefer the other two shower gels from LE to this one.


27 February 2013

Latest Additions: Nail Polish 001

latest additions nail polish 001 rottenotter blog 1 latest additions nail polish 001 rottenotter blog 2
Illamasqua Speckle // Mottle // Scarce // Fragile // Freckle.
Butter London Two Fingered Salute // Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air // Butter London Sprog // OPI Romeo & Joliet // Dulce De Leche // I Eat Mainely Lobster. 

Since I've been on my spending ban, and have actually stuck to it so far, I've bought some nail polish since I allowed myself one exception. I'm currently counting down the days till my spending ban ends as there's so many new products I want to buy. First on my lists is the new L'Oreal stains that are meant to be similar to the YSL ones.

First up are the new polishes from the Illamasqua I'mperfection collection. When I first saw these I knew I had to have them all as they're the type of polish that I love. It's like a quick and easier version of nail art and it's not as hard to remove as normal glitter polishes. My favourite so far is Scarce, the pinky peach, but I've also been wearing Freckle a lot recently, the brown nude.

I also added three more polishes to my Butter London collection even though I've only pictured two here. I couldn't find the other colour but I have a feeling it's in my bathroom. Two Fingered Salute is a green polish with copper glitter. It reminds me of a green version of Barielle Junebug. If you saw one of my posts the other week you'll have seen that Sprog actually smashed on it's way to me but luckily I was sent a replacement of this lovely blue shade. I can tell I'll be wearing this polish a lot in the spring.

Deborah Lippmanns Glitter In The Air has been on my wish list for a few years now and I can finally tick it off. I knew it was a very sheer polish, I just didn't expect it to be that sheer. I'm not patient enough to apply like 5 layers of it so I use a similar blue for the base and apply one coat of this which works out quite well.

Finally I made a little OPI order through Lena White as the 20% off code is still working. Along with a few base products and a cuticle oil I ordered three colours. Romeo & Joliet was the first OPI polish I bought, I actually got it when I was in New York, and I've completely finished it. I thought it was about time I got a new bottle but I still can't make myself throw out the old bottle! It's a lovely brown shimmer that just works so well with my skin tone. Dulce De Leche is the perfect pinky nude and I Eat Mainely Lobster is going to be perfect for the summer.


26 February 2013

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub

soap and glory breakfast scub 3 soap and glory breakfast scub 1 soap and glory breakfast scub 2
Let me introduce one of my favourite scrubs of all time! To be honest, I have a few favourite scrubs of all time and they're all from Soap And Glory. They make the best scrubs and I haven't found one I don't like yet.

This is The Breakfast Scrub and it smells good enough to eat. Like maple porridge. It's an exfoliator packed with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almonds and honey extracts. When I use this I don't really need to follow up with a moisturiser as it leaves a slight residue behind. It isn't oily though and means I skip a step which I always like. I hate applying body moisturiser and waiting around for it soak in.

I always wait till Soap And Glory products are on 3 for 2 in Boots so it makes them just a little bit cheaper and more affordable. This scrub is normally £9.50 but with the offer it can bring it down to something like £6 depending on which products you buy.

25 February 2013

Week In Photos 126 & 127

Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 1 Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 9 Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 10 Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 4 Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 3 Week In Photos 126 126 rottenotter blog 5

New bookcase // Going Nail Polish free for a while // Bookcase organisation // Cat brought a stick into the house // And stuck his tongue out // Made red velvet cupcakes.

22 February 2013

Minimizing: The Hair Styling Stash

minimizing hair care dash rottenotter blog
For someone who very rarely styles her hair, always leaves it natural and only applies oils to it, I have no idea how I've got a basket full to the brim of hair styling products. I probably only use four of the products which are all hair oils so I've decided to have a bit of a sort out.

I've sorted them into four categories : products I use, products I want to use more to see if I want to keep them, products I haven't used yet and products I don't want. Hopefully over the next month or so my hair care stash will consist of products that I know I will use! I'd also like to finish a few of the products I'm not sure about or either give them away to someone who will use them. And finally I'd like to at least try all the products once.

Anyone else having a sort through their stashes and having a spring clean? I think I need to have a proper sort through all my skin and body care products now ...


21 February 2013

Nail Care: What I'm Using & Manicure Routine

nail cuticle cair hand cream blog rottenotter rotten otters thoughts 4 nail cuticle cair hand cream blog rottenotter rotten otters thoughts 3 nail cuticle cair hand cream blog rottenotter rotten otters thoughts 1 nail cuticle cair hand cream blog rottenotter rotten otters thoughts 2
On a Sunday evening while watching tv or a film, and after washing my hair, I usually give myself a full manicure and pedicure including all the steps I usually miss if I'm painting them any other night. It may seem like a lot but I find it really relaxing and time flies especially if I'm watching a film.

I start off with removing my old nail polish and then I buff my nails so they're smooth and ridge free using The Body Shop Polishing Block. I find nail polish is easier to apply after doing this step and it actually lasts longer. I only do this about once a month though as it can damage the nails if done more often. I'll then soak my hands in some soapy water to remove any dirt and dust for about 5 minutes. I follow up with a hand cream, my favourite being Liz Earle's. Once this has soaked in I take a bit more remover on a cotton pad and wipe over each nail. This dehydrates the nail ready for applying polish, similar to Orlys Primetime. I then apply my base coat, colour and top coat and leave everything to dry completely. I then use a cuticle oil to keep them hydrated which in turn keeps your manicure looking nicer. My favourite at the moment is Nubar Almond Oil but I have just started using one from CND which I really like. During the week I'll apply a balm to my hands and cuticles which I leave on over night as a mini treatment. You wake up with incredibly soft hands!


20 February 2013

First Impressions 001

first impressions 001
Indeed Labs Hydraluron - This increases skin hydration from below the surface with an ultra-high-quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. I've been using this as a serum underneath my normal moisturiser and it's made an incredible difference to how soft my skin feels. You only need a tiny amount and all dry patches are banished.

This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - I bought this to actually use on my heels as they're pretty dry but one day I thought to try it on my elbows as they were so dry, rough and actually really sore. After a few applications my elbows have never felt softer. This really is a brilliant product and even though I've only had it for a month it made it into my 2012 favourites.

This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisturiser - Unlike the heel balm, this face moisturiser is nice but didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. I'm not a huge fan of the scent which is quite important to me, espeically when a product is going on my face. It's also more of a day time moisturiser for my very dry skin.

Bumble And Bumble Super Rich Conditioner - As I only wash my hair once a week and it's very dry I need a rich conditioner so I thought this sounded perfect. I also loved the scent! This made my hair feel incredibly soft but not in a horribly and fluffy way. Since I have very long hair I had to use quite a bit of product so I'm not sure if I'd buy the full size at some point.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray - I really like salt sprays and have used them for years. I really like this one but I'm not sure it's worth the price as I've just cheaper version in the past which have worked the same.

Bumble And Bumble Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme - Unlike the other products, I've only used this once so it's very much a first impression. I applied it to damp hair and left it to dry naturally. I loved the beachy waves it created but it did dry my hair out a lot which made it very knotty. I used some hair oil to counteract this but it has made me a bit hesitant to use it again. It would probably work better on shorter hair that's in better condition than mine.


19 February 2013

Beauty Box: Birchbox February 2013

birchbox february 2013 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 1 birchbox february 2013 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 2
Quite surprisingly this months Birchbox isn't Valentine's themed which I bought it would be seeing as Glossybox was. Instead it's London Fashion Week themed which makes a nice change.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water - Although this is essentially water in a spray can and I'm still not sure if I'd actually buy it myself, I still really like it. I am going to be saving this for the summer though as I can see it being a life saver when it's really hot and stuffy in work or on the bus.

Korres Guava Shower Gel - I've been wanting to try Korres shower gels but still being on a spending ban I've had to resist. I love the guava scent which has a hint of grapefruit and it works really well.

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump N' Thick Leave-In Thickening Mist - I haven't tried this yet as I'd only just washed my hair when I'd received this box. You're meant to apply it to towel dried hair and style as usual to create extra volume.

Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation - Despite getting one of the lightest shades it is still very dark and sadly unusable for me. It's in the shade praline, if anyone wants it to try let me know in the comments and I'll pop it in the post for you. It's unused and UK only.

Eyelash Curler - A nice extra but I think I would have preferred another product to try as I already have curlers that I like and I think most people do.

Eboost Natural Energy Booster - You mix the sachet which water and creates a natural, nutrient-rich, no-crash tonic. My mum tried it and said it was quite nice, weird but nice.


18 February 2013

Base Coat & Top Coat Round Up 002

base coat top coat round up 002 nail polish 1 base coat top coat round up 002 nail polish 2
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect base and top coats and as I've tried quite a few new ones recently I thought I'd do another round up post.

Jessica Quick Dry - You apply Quick Dry onto wet nail polish and it's dry in 60 seconds. A drop or two on each nail is all it needs. I haven't been reaching for this as often recently because I like the high shine finish you get from applying a top coat. It works really well though and I usually use it if I'm painting my nails just before bed. This is similar to Essie Instant Dry Oil which I included in my first round up post but I find this one from Jessica less messy. The dropper makes it so easy to apply and I find I don't waste any product. This also doesn't sink into the nails but I find it less oily unlike the Essie version. Not an essential product for me but one I'm glad to have in my collection. £9.55 *****

Base Coats:
CND Stickey - This is my current favourite base coat and the one I've been most impressed with. I've always struggled to find a good base coat that dries quickly and prevents staining and this ticks all the boxes. The green colour doesn't transfer onto your nails and doesn't affect the colour you apply on top. You can also buy a 68ml bottle which makes this base coat pretty great value for money as well. £8.95 ********

Jessica Rejuvenation - This base coat is meant to help dry and problem nails which I'm not really sure it does. It certainly doesn't dry my nails out but I don't think it improves them either. As far as a base coat goes it's a pretty standard one. It dries quickly, doesn't make the coloured polish bubble and makes your manicure last a decent amount of time. £9.15 ***

Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat - This one is pretty good when it comes to protecting your nails from staining. I haven't used it enough to really comment on how it works as a base coat though. £17.49 for base coat and top coat **

Top Coats:
Orly Polishield - This is a repurchase for me as I had the mini bottle from a set and finished it pretty quickly. It isn't my favourite of all time but it is in my top three at the moment. It dries quickly, leaves your nails feeling glossy and makes polish last longer. £10.40 ******

Jessica Top Priority - This is a funny one for me. Despite having it for a while I'm still not 100% what it's meant to do. I bought it thinking it was a top coat but the first time I applied it to semi dry nails it lifted and dragged the polish. The polish I was wearing also stained the brush. I bought it without reading any reviews which I probably shouldn't have done. Apparently this is meant to safeguard your polish for up to two weeks. I have never ever had a polish last two weeks. You're also meant to apply a coat of this the day after you've applied the polish to keep it looking good which is quite unusual for a top coat.   £9.30 *

Lumos High Speed Top Coat - I bought this top coat as Charlotte  has raved about it. I always love her nail posts so I thought I'd give it a try. I was quite disappointed with it actually. For something that is called "high speed" it actually took quite a while for my nails to dry. With topcoats like Nubar Diamont I can touch my nails literally seconds after applying it but with this it took about 5 minutes which just isn't quick enough for me. It did leave a very nice glossy finish though and lasted a good amount of time before chipping. £17.49 for base coat and top coat *

Nails Inc Caviar* - I always love mini nail polishes and this one came in my November Glossybox. The Caviar base and top coat have been on my to try list for ages. I'm still not sure if I'll buy the full size when this one runs out as it's sort of just an ok product but I have been enjoying using it. It doesn't dry as quickly as others but still quite impressive. The glossy finish it leaves is pretty standard and it makes polish last a decent amount of time.  £12 ***


13 February 2013

Espa Bath Oil Set

espa bath oil collection gift set 4 espa bath oil collection gift set 2 espa bath oil collection gift set 1 espa bath oil collection gift set 3
I wasn't sure what to buy with my Espa gift card at first but after a quick browse of the site I knew I wanted to try their bath oils. I've heard so much about the aromatherapy associates bath oils I thought these would be a good chance to try something similar.

The gift set contains six bath oils to suit whatever mood you are in that day. Even though there isn't a scent I don't like, my two favourites are Restorative and Soothing. I think it's the lavender and almond oil in both that really appeal to me as well as the other ingredients. From the 15ml bottles I've managed to get about 5 or 6 baths out of each. Despite the £27 price tag I think it works out as quite a good offer. It would also make a lovely gift for someone as well as yourself.

Detoxifying - A beautifully uplifting bath oil thats formulated to boost the circulatory system, detoxify the body and nourish the skin. Purifying Cypress and Juniper Berry renowned to stimulate the lymphatic system help sweep away toxins. Grapefruit lifts the spirits, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin.

Energising - Energising by nature, this potent blend with eucalyptus oil will help revitalise and invigorate sluggish bodies and focus weary minds. Revitalising Peppermint and Eucalyptus will swiftly energise and awaken. Rosemary helps focus the mind, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for softer, supple skin.

Fitness - A powerfully soothing essential oil bath blend to ease tired muscles and aching joints before and after exercise. Restorative Indian Bay and Clove Bud oils deeply warm and relax the body to relieve muscles, aches and pains. Lavender helps ease the mind, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for softer, supple skin.

Resistance - This revitalising bath oil helps support in times of need with an instant boost of wellbeing. Tea tree, eucalyptus smithii and eucalyptus radiata work powerfully together to stand guard against harmful influences. Eucalyptus globulus helps invigorate the mind, while sweet almond oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin.

Restorative - Nicknamed hug in a bottle, this soothing lavender bath oil acts to help rediscover emotional equilibrium, calm nerves and give a sense of optimism. Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender help quiet anxiety, calm nerves and comfort spirits. PalmaRosa helps tone and firm, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully smooth, supple skin.

Soothing - Unwind body and mind from everyday stresses with this skin-soothing bath oil to nourish the body and calm the mind. Soothing Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense help unwind and gently ease tired, stressed bodies into sleep. Myrrh helps quieten the mind, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin.

Simply pour a small amount into running water, light a few candles, grab a good book and relax. It makes a perfect Sunday pamper night. You could even apply a face and hair mask to go that bit further.

With Espa orders you can also choose some really great samples so I went with a few that I didn't want to order the full sizes without actually trying them first.


11 February 2013

Dupe: OPI Pink Yet Lavender & Barry M Rose Quartz

dupe opi pink yet lavender barry m rose quartz nail polish rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 3 dupe opi pink yet lavender barry m rose quartz nail polish rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 4 dupe opi pink yet lavender barry m rose quartz nail polish rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 2 dupe opi pink yet lavender barry m rose quartz nail polish rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 1
Swatches: OPI over black, Barry M over black, OPI over white, Barry M over white, OPI alone, Barry M alone. 

It's not often I come across a dupe in my nail polish collection as I'm quite careful with the colours I buy. Especially when it comes to glitters as well. When I was organising my collection into colour families I found this dupe and thought I'd share it.

If you've been thinking of buying OPI's Pink Yet Lavender from the new Mariah Carey collection and you're from the UK then hold on. You can buy Barry M's Rose Quartz for only £2.99. Not only is it much easier to find, it's about a quarter of the price and I can't tell a difference between the two. They both contain large pink hexagonal glitter and small holographic glitter. They do look slightly different in the bottle, Rose Quartz looks less pink, but once on the nails they look identical.


10 February 2013

Week In Photos 124 & 125

Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 6 Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 4 Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 5 Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 3 Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 2 Week In Photos 124 & 125 rottenotter rotten otters thoughts blog 1 Making candy sushi // And doughnuts // Broken nail polish bottles // Comfiest clothes // Making labels for my nail polish helmer // Todays nails.


09 February 2013

Glossybox February 2013

glossybox february 2013 rottenotter rottenotters thoughts blog beauty 2 glossybox february 2013 rottenotter rottenotters thoughts blog beauty 3 glossybox february 2013 rottenotter rottenotters thoughts blog beauty 1 glossybox february 2013 rottenotter rottenotters thoughts blog beauty 4
Anyone sense a bit of a colour theme with this months Glossybox*?? As it's Valentines this month we have a box filled with pink goodness and a cute heart shaped lollipop.

Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream - I haven't tried anything from Docteur Rendaud myself but it is a brand I know as my mum has tried and reviewed one of the face mask sets which she quite liked. This is a very rich feeling cream so should work really well with my dry skin. It also smells delicious!

Me Me Me Beat The Blues - From a swatch on the hand I have to say I'm not very impressed with this highlighter. The brush is very stiff and has clumped together. It's a really pretty colour in the bottle but once blended onto the skin it just sort of disappears.

Helen E Cosmetics Lipstick in Marshmallow - This lipstick is pigmented and a little bit scary. On the lips it comes out a lot brighter than in the bullet. Definitely one for the summer or patted into the lips for a more subtle colour. It's a very moisturising lipstick and from a brand I haven't heard of before.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her - This perfume was on my list to try when I next went to town but now I get to try it at home. A sensual, voluptuous, enveloping fragrance, floral-fruity, amber and woody notes with musk at the heart. Once the perfume dries down after 10 minutes or so then I like it but there's just something about the scent that would stop me buying it.

Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Terra Cotta - I'm not a fan of mineral blushers as I just find them too messy and hard to use. Sadly the colour isn't for me either and is too orange toned for my skin tone and hair colour.


05 February 2013

January 2013 Favourites

january 2013 favourites 1 january 2013 favourites 2
I'm normally pretty good with getting my monthly posts up on time but it's taken me forever to find the time to photograph and write my favourites post. I usually have the mornings to do all things blog related, including writing my posts, by the past week or so my shifts at work have changed and I've had a lot of 8am starts instead of my usual 12pm. I'm back to my normal shift today so I've actually had time!

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less - I've been a lot more stressed this month than usual so this roll on has been a life saver. Just apply this to your pulse points, wrists for me mainly, and let the wonderful scent of lavender relax you. For me the scent of lavender has always been a relaxing and calming one so this does actually work for me. I've been applying it before bed to help me drift off as well.

CND Stickey Base Coat - I think I can safely say I've found my favourite base coat which I never thought would happen. I've had a love-hate relationship with them in the past. This one dries instantly, doesn't cause my polish to bubble, prevents staining and keeps my polish looking good for longer. I also really like the brush as well.

Zoya Polishes - I've been loving Zoya polishes this month, mainly Storm, Blaze and Aurora which I bought at the start of January. I'm waiting for a bit more sun to feature the other two colours on my blog but I did post about Aurora the other day.

Marc Jacbos Daisy Perfume - I'm so glad to have another bottle of this perfume in my life as it's one of my favourites. It lasts all day and is just a happy scent for me, lot's of memories associated with this perfume.

Lush Dream Wash and Dream Cream - With the added stress this month my eczema has gone a bit crazy so I've been using the two Dreams from Lush. Dream Wash is a new discovery for me and one I haven't heard a lot about. It's basically a shower version of Dream Cream. It has the same lovely scent and goodness for the skin but in a shower cream.  It's incredibly moisturising and just feels amazing on the skin. It also works well as a shaving cream especially if you have sensitive skin like me.

After I've used the Dream Wash I'll apply a light layer of Dream Cream which really helps to calm down and heal my eczema. I really wish Lush would sell these small tubs of Dream Cream separately as I can never finish a full size before it goes off.

Lush Twilight Shower Gel - Another Lush product I've been loving this month and I'm so glad I bought some back ups in the sale. This is one of my favourite all time shower gels. I love the malt lavender scent and how nice it feels on the skin.

OPI Expert Touch Nail Polish Remover - I'm not normally one for using expensive nail polish removers but I thought I'd try out the OPI one when I made my Lena White order. Although this wont become a regular purchase for me I've really been enjoying using it. I do notice a difference when removing my nail polish with this compared to my normal cheaper version. It also feels less harsh on my nails.

Avene Skin Recovery Cream - Again, my eczema on my face has been driving me even more wild so I've been using this soothing cream from Avene. It is moisturising, gentle and simple which is just what I need when my skin is feeling itchy.

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04 February 2013

Orly Rock The World - NOTD

orly rock the world nail polish notd orly rock the world nail polish notd 3
Orly's Rock The World is from the Mineral FX collection in 2011. I missed out on getting OPI's It's My Year and this Orly polishes reminded me of it so I bought it.

I've recently sorted and stored all my polishes by colour but I couldn't decide which colour family this polish belonged to. It's a mix of pink-plum-red with a lot of gold shimmer. This only needed two coats to become opaque.


01 February 2013

Nail Polish Tag

This week it's been all about nail polish on the blog but I hadn't planned it to be this way. I was meant to be photographing, writing and posting my January favourites this morning before work but then I got my Butter London order through the post. I opened it and one of the bottles had completely smashed and covered the other two in polish. Cleaning it all up took up most of my time so thought I'd just publish one of my posts that I'd already written.
1. How many polishes are in your stash?
I have no idea! I haven't counted for a while. I do know I have more than 180 as my collection has outgrown my old storage drawers and that's how many they could hold.  Lucky for me nail polish is the only thing I collect and have a lot of! I could happily have a tiny make-up bag full of products but nail polish is a whole different story.

opi nail polish tag 12 2. Which brand do you have the most polishes from?
Definitely OPI, it's the brand I've been collecting for the longest, around 4 years and is by far my favourite. I love the colour selection, formula, brush shape and the names. I do wish they were cheaper here but I have managed to get the majority of them at a cheaper price.

3. What is the most common color in your collection?
I've just bought a new Ikea Helmer to store my polishes in so I've actually just sorted them into colours. I would have said either grey, green or brown. It's actually pink with purple coming up close.
nail polish tag 7
4. Are there colors / finishes you do not own?
Magnetic polishes! Although I do want to try them I just haven't found a colour that I really like yet.

5. Which nail polish do you wear the most?
The polishes I wear most often are Revlon Minted, Essie Mint Candy Apple and Models Own Misty Grey. Unfortunately Misty Grey has been discontinued so I'll have to find a new favourite grey once the bottle is finished.

 6. Which nail polish do you regret buying?
If I regret buying a polish I either sell it or pass it onto friends or family. Usually the one's I regret buying are when the formula is really bad.

7. Do you use a basecoat?
I never used to but after some bad staining I've started applying it every time I paint my nails. I'm currently loving CND Stickey.

8. Do you use a topcoat?
Polish doesn't last much longer on me when I use a topcoat so that isn't the reason I use it. I use a fast drying top coat so I can carry on with whatever I'm doing or go to bed quickly after painting them. I just can't sit and wait around for polish to dry, I'm too impatient.

 9. Stamping or freehand?
I prefer stamping but I don't really do either.

10. Do you like glitter / shimmer or prefer a creme finish?
I love glitter nail polish but hate the removal of it so I tend to wear creme polishes.

11. Do you feel naked without nail polish?
I wouldn't say I feel naked without nail polish but if my nails are stained then I wont be seen without polish. I do like to give my nails a break every month or so and have a week without wearing polish.

nail polish tag 8 12. How many polishes did you buy last week?
I bought some Butter London polishes last week. I couldn't resist the £10 off discount code so I made two orders and saved myself £20. I ordered Two Finger Salute, Sprog, Trustafarian, Yummy Mummy and Wallis.

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