Week In Photos 120

Week In Photos 120 11 Week In Photos 120 10 Week In Photos 120 9 Week In Photos 120 8 Week In Photos 120 6 Week In Photos 120 7 Week In Photos 120 5 Week In Photos 120 4 Week In Photos 120 3 Week In Photos 120 2 Week In Photos 120 1 week in photos 120 12 New Years treats // Epic hot chocolates // Lazy days // Cat going wild over cat nip // Cyber candy goodies // Mint M&M's = favourite // Rainy day loose change jar // New January desktop calendar // Nerd jar.


  1. This post has made me crave everything bad! Haha! Lovely pictures!

    - Keeley | Walking-Fashion

  2. mmmmm all that food looks so yummy!!

    I bought some jars like yours from Ikea today (89p bargain!!)
    I can see you've written on yours, what did you use? I want to use mine for flour so need to know which kind is in which.

    Love Laura

    1. I just used a chalkboard pen for the jar, it didn't matter that it's white as I'll be putting coins in it so I'll still be able to read the writing. For flour though you could probably just use a sharpie :) xx

  3. That hot chocolate looks amazing, this year I'm definitely going to try some macaroons :-)

  4. Why show so many yummy treats when Im trying to be good.. Now craving a hot choc with marshmellows and cream! Nomnomnom!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  5. I Love American Candy - I have noticed a few shops in Manchester selling it. I may have to stock up on some treats. I am saving my loose change for extra spending money on my holiday to San Francisco in June.


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